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Flinders University Child Care Centre is set within the grounds of the University where children can enjoy peaceful, beautiful park like surroundings, amoung native trees.
We provide a safe, healthy and nurturing environment where children are treated with respect, affection, courtesy and most importantly as unique individuals.
We recognise that children need to feel loved, appreciated and positive about themselves in order to learn, discover,explore and develop their skills.
We provide vegetarian meals and we are very proud that we meet the strigent guidelines of 'Start Right Eat Right' which ensures all children in our care are having 50% of their daily nutritional needs met. We are also audited regularly to ensure we meet the Food Safe standards.
We are recognised as a high quality child care service through the National Child Care Accreditation Standards.
You don't have to be working or studying at the University to use our facilities, you just have to be passionate about the quality of care your child receives.