2016 Recipients

Professor Lindsey Conner, Associate Professor David Curtis, Mrs Eliza Raeburn, Dr Trudy-Ann Sweeney, Dr Pamela Bartholomaeus, Professor Jan Orrell, Dr Jessie Jovanovic (School of Education) and Dr Michelle Arnold (School of Psychology)

For Innovative Practices for Initial Teacher Education through the use of Situational Judgment Tests.


Dr Katrina Breaden, Dr Wendy Abigail (School of Nursing and Midwifery), and Dr Richard Price (Planning Services Unit)

Using learning analytics to identify at risk undergraduate nursing students via course engagement: Development of a model and strategies for early intervention.

Dr Carl Mooney and Dr Trent Lewis, School of Computer Science, Engineering and Mathematics

Teaching computer programming in a constructivist way leveraging the power of interactive technologies.


Associate Professor Cassandra Star and Associate Professor Lorna Hallahan, School of Social and Policy Studies

Building professional identities informed by social justice: an interprofessional approach.

Dr Deb Agnew, Associate Professor Shane Pill, Professor Janice Orrell, Dr Samantha Schulz, Associate Professor Kerry Bissaker, (School of Education), Mrs Elizabeth Abery (School of Health Sciences), and Mr Daniel Mather (International Centre)

Developing a sustainable model for international sport based WIL placements.


Associate Professor Eric Bouvet, Dr Daniela Rose, Dr Maria Palaktsoglou, Ms Lynn Vanzo, Mr Javier Diaz-Martinez, and Dr Rosslyn von der Borch (School of Humanities and Creative Arts)

Enhancing language students’ WIL learning experience in the community through the development of a framework for language placements.


Dr Helen Wozniak and Dr Narelle Campbell, NT Clinical School, School of Medicine

Faculty development by distance, extending the reach of clinical supervision training to impact student learning in the workplace.


Associate Professor Jane Haggis, Dr. Antonella Strambi (School of Humanities and Creative Arts), and Dr Jessie Jovanovic (School of Education)

Risky business and knowledge partners: A pilot learning initiative for socialised personal learning to nurture innovative resilient cultures in Humanities and Social Sciences students at Flinders University.


 2015 Recipients


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