First year students and developing the whole person

15th November       read more

This forum draws on a range of concerns related to students' self-concept, identity, compassion, resilience, vocation, health and achievement and brings together staff who are working in ways which consider how best to support and develop first year students' understanding of surviving at university and becoming a well-rounded professional. Sharron King and Amanda Richardson from the School of Health Sciences have worked with Robyne Garrett and Alison Wrench from the School of Education at the University of South Australia to consider "What does it take to thrive in this place? : An exploration of students' experiences of first year university"; Lydia Woodyatt and Paul Williamson from the School of Psychology at Flinders University are conducting research related to "Managing self-criticism amongst achievement driven students "; while Eileen Willis and Liz Abery from the School of Social Health Sciences and Tania Leiman from Flinders Law School at Flinders University have conducted research and developed pedagogical practices around "Education of the Heart ".


Supporting the psychological well-being of our first year students and reducing stress for ourselves

17th September

Associate Professor Rachael Field from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Law School and facilitator of the First Year in Higher Education Special Interest Group on psychological well-being will lead a discussion on Student well-being with reference to Staff well-being in relation to first year students. Rachael was awarded an ALTC Fellowship in 2010 for her work in changing legal education in attempts to address high levels of psychological distress in law students.