Learning Analytics – what are they and can they help me teach first year students

18th June

Many may have heard about how we are now using data to explore and support at-risk students but were you aware that you can use it to support students and develop curriculum? This first year forum offers a taster of the possible. It focusses on how staff can use data in their teaching and assessment that can make changes to support students as well as demonstrating how students might access data about themselves to develop the skills and abilities to make decisions about their own learning. The forum provides you with a potential insight of what may come as well as an opportunity to ask some questions and begin to develop an understanding of what “the hype” is about.

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Supporting the first year students from a diverse range of backgrounds

13th November

This forum was facilitated by Dr Ann Luzeckyj : Lecturer in Higher Education, First Year Undergraduate Teaching Advisor and delivered by Associate Professor Valerie Harwood and Dr Sarah O'Shea from the University of Wollongong, School of Education.

Associate Professor Harwood is chief investigator on an Australian Research Council (ARC) project titled Imagining University Education: The perspectives of young people impacted by low socio-economic status and disengagement from school and Dr O'Shea is currently leading an OLT grant examining the intergenerational educational impacts when first in family students return to education.  Both Valerie and Sarah are also part of an ARC team examining the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience mentoring model.

The session explored key themes that both Valerie and Sarah have identified in their research and provided opportunities to discuss ways in which we can support the success of students who come to university from a diverse range of backgrounds.