Ann Luzeckyj, Lecturer in Higher Education: First Year Undergraduate Teaching Adviser, Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching at Flinders University will provide a short overview and introduction to Learning Analytics.

Tim Rogers, Academic Developer, Teaching and Learning Services, Learning and Teaching Unit at University of South Australia will lead a discussion on how Learning analytics is now being touted as a ‘game changer’ for higher education, with the promise of a new era of evidence based teaching practice and empowering students to manage their own learning. This talk will cover some of the major landmarks in the field so far and look at some of the possibilities for improving the learning environment. Importantly, amongst all the touted future possibilities for learning analytics, this presentation will give voice to some of the modest and concrete adoptions which are getting lost in the hype about changing the face of HE. This sampler of promising practices and just-around-the-corner applications will give those just beginning to look at learning analytics an idea of how they might incorporate simple practices that can help staff consider changes to curriculum and teaching practices. This talk will also touch on how those practices might, in the future, feed into institutional ‘big data’ solutions.

Timna Garnett, Educational Technologist/Designer and Greg Faller, FLO Project Officer, Flinders Learning Online Centre for Educational ICT at Flinders University will provide insight into the series of tools available on FLO which provide teaching staff with the opportunity to collect their own ‘big data’ when it is needed to inform topic-specific teaching practices. FLO reports, logs and built-in analytic tools automatically track student usage of activities and digital resources, participation in online activities and monitors success rates in quizzes. This session will encourage participants to explore a previous or current topic site to obtain relevant data and to contribute their results to an active discussion on how it may be used to improve teaching practices and student learning outcomes. The ‘Engagement analytics’ block will also be demonstrated with the aim to seek participants for a Semester 2 pilot.