CILT is involved in a number of research projects. We have listed some here that may be of interest:

Current research

A Framework for Internationalising the Curriculum

Internationalising the curriculum is a common aspiration of universities but there is little guidance about how to do this at the course level. Lisa Schmidt (CILT) has developed a practical 4-step framework for internationalising the curriculum and together with Jane Scott (Curtin University), Amanda Wray (Nutrition & Dietetics), Jacqui Miller (Nutrition & Dietetics), and Kenneth Pope (Engineering) has evaluated the effectiveness of this approach across disciplines.

Building Institutional Capacity to enhance access, participation and progress in Work Integrated Learning

This is a national  Office for Learning & Teaching Project, led by QUT and including Heather Smigiel (CILT) at Flinders. This collaborative project is investigating practice at Australian Universities that enhances access and participation for all students in WIL programs.

Impact evaluation of the Flinders Foundations of University Teaching Program

A longitudinal impact evaluation of the Flinders Foundations of University Teaching Program was undertaken in 2014 by Cassandra Hood and Don Houston to determine whether participants would demonstrate learning beyond the program duration in terms of knowledge, teaching practice or attitude to teaching. Results are currently under analysis.

Redesign and evaluation of an early childhood education topic to gauge student responses to flexible assessment incorporating e-portfolios

The research aspects of this project focus on the experience of collaborative design process involving the topic coordinator, an educational developer and a member of the CILT staff. Undertaken by Don Houston (CILT) with Jessie Jovanovic (School of Education).

Research into First Year

There is a range of research related to teaching and supporting first year students that staff in CILT have been involved in. This includes research both within Flinders University and across Australia.  A separate page provides more information specifically about Research into First Year.

Completed research

A review of the Flinders University Leadership Program (FULP)

The FULP aims to nurture and support the development of leadership skills for academic and professional staff through contextualising leadership within higher education at Flinders University. This review facilitated by Helen Stephenson for Professor Heather Smigiel considered whether the stated aims and objectives of the FULP are being met, the strengths and weaknesses of the FULP; and whether participation in the FULP influences career direction.

A study into the effectiveness of Pre-Place to prepare students for Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) experiences

Pre-Place is a multi-disciplinary online program designed to provide guidance to students prior to commencement in a WIL placement. This survey, undertaken by Helen Stephenson (CILT), investigated the applicability of content and assessment, and the effectiveness of delivery and design of Pre-Place from a student perspective.

Distributive Leadership

Between 2006-2010 Heather Smigiel was involved in the leadership of two national ALTC projects investigating the outcomes of distributive leadership in university settings. The findings of these projects underpin the Flinders Faculty Scholars Scheme.

Distributive Leadership Leadership Grant (2008-2010). Project Leader (4 partner institutions)
Distributive Leadership Leadership Grant (2006-2008). Project Leader (5 partner institutions)

Foundations of University Teaching

Between 2008 and 2012 Heather Smigiel was involved in leading two national ALTC PROJECTS investigating foundation programs across Australia. The first PATHE 2008-2010 investigated the modes, content and outcomes of these programs. The second was an extension project 2011-2012 that developed online resources to train new lecturers in higher education to lead foundation programs in their relevant institutions.

How universities can best support students to develop generic skills: enacting strategies for graduate employability

This is a multi-institution Australian Government Office for Learning & Teaching Commissioned Project, led by Curtin University and including Lisa Schmidt (CILT) at Flinders. This collaborative project responds to growing social and economic demands for graduates who can negotiate rapidly transforming employment contexts.

Physics education

Dr Maria Parappilly (Chemical & Physical Sciences) and Dr Lisa Schmidt (CILT) are undertaking a range of projects to improve learning and engagement for physics students, including flipped classroom models.

Reinventing Teaching and Learning at Flinders University

The Reinventing Teaching Project investigated Flinders University students' and staff perceptions of optimal learning conditions. It was completed in 2009 and key findings supported previous research suggesting that good planning and adequate resources were a necessary condition for enhancing learning. Additionally, effective teaching practices, effective practices to motivate learning, strategies for collaborative problem solving and alignment of learning outcomes and assessment were identified. You can read the Project Brochure here (PDF 372KB).