This website is a condensed summary of the ALTC-funded PATHE project which scoped different and best practice approaches for induction of academic staff commencing teaching practice in Australian higher education.

The project objectives were to:

  1. develop a framework that will promote sector-wide sharing of a set of understandings about the nature and role of induction programs within university learning and teaching contexts.
  2. generate evidence-based information from which to underpin and inform such a framework, in a way that recognises and takes account of disciplinary differences of language, expectations, learning environments, learning requirements and pedagogy.
  3. produce a credible, evidence-based resource suite of successful practices, models and resources for foundations programs, that can be disseminated sector wide.
  4. identify areas in which further development is needed to support, change and enhance existing practices within foundations programs.
  5. strengthen and contribute to the ongoing scholarship of higher education teaching and learning development, through the implementation of objectives 1-4 above.

This was undertaken with a view to there being a common, collaboratively developed, cross-institutional understanding of core learning and teaching principles amongst academics. The project involved:

  • A mapping of induction offered in Australian higher education institutions
  • A literature review identifying and analysing best practice in preparing academic staff to teach
  • Development of groups addressing benchmarking, impact, potential models, professional development and resources for the project.