A number of resources arose from the project including:

Overview poster Models (PDF 524KB)
Benchmarking background (PDF 113KB) Professional Development (PDF 158KB)
Evaluating Impact (PDF 620KB) Resources (PDF 331KB)

Links to related Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) projects

Other ALTC projects related to teaching and learning in higher education include:

Leadership & Assessment: Strengthening the Nexus: Assessment and feedback are key components of curriculum throughout the Higher Education sector playing a critical role in shaping the quality of student learning. While there are many examples of good assessment practice within tertiary institutions, many of these are at an individual academic or unit level. In this project, Macquarie University intends to develop ‘assessment leaders’ who will promote and support the strategic and systematic development of assessment and feedback throughout the institution.

Peer Review of Teaching in Australian Higher Education: Resources to support institutions in developing and embedding effective policies and practices

Promoting learning and teaching communities: The project used a group rather than a one-on-one approach to build skills and networks so that staff could problem-solve, plan and work towards their shared goals related to teaching and learning. Such groups were resourced as communities of practice with the intent of fostering shared, collegial leadership capability across the Australian National University.

The contribution of sessional teachers to higher education (Red Report): Sessional teachers are the hidden part of the massification that has taken place in higher education in Australia over the last 30 years. One of the greatest achievements of the Australian higher education system has been the growth of student access to university study, and this could not have been achieved without the massive contribution of sessional staff.

Building leadership with the sessional staff standards framework: BLASST established evidence-based national standards to support and enhance quality learning and teaching by sessional staff.

Links to associations

The following associations provide resources and support in relation to new academic staff as they prepare for their role as teachers.