Educational design support for academic and professional staff at Flinders University is provided in conjunction with the faculty elearning support teams. The service includes the provision of resources, activities, advice and, for selected initiatives, strategic developmental support. The service employs a three-way learning model in which professional learning, service learning and organisational learning all inform each other.

Support for staff is tailored and can include:

  • curriculum design support
  • advice on educational strategies, technologies, models and approaches
  • student support strategies
  • advice on management, administrative and operational matters.

In particular, support relates to the identification, use and evaluation of educational technology in the learning and teaching environment. Strategies for face-to-face teaching using technology, online and blended learning environments, mobile teaching and learning, and learning and assessment activities and resources at topic and course level demonstrate the scope of the service.

Where appropriate, the eLDS team will refer staff to other services and programs such as innovation support, teaching support, technical support, resources, professional development opportunities and relevant communities of practice .

eLDS also acts as the elearning support team to the University’s portfolio areas (non-faculty-based central departments and units) where Flinders Learning Online (FLO) is used to support student learning or staff professional engagement.


eLDS also run educational development workshops.

Service request

If you would like assistance from eLDS or have a related query, please email and an elearning design team member will respond.