Flinders Learning Online (FLO), Flinders University's web-based learning and teaching platform, facilitates the creation of online educational environments by non-technical users. FLO can be used to create entire online topics and courses, or to provide interactive tools that supplement or complement existing topics and courses. All topics at Flinders have a FLO site (part of WebPET - Web Presence in Every Topic).

FLO is accessible to Flinders staff and students. Support resources such as the eLearning Gateway are publicly accessible. FLO is provided 24/7. Occasional periods of unavailability are required to perform upgrades; these are negotiated with support staff and advertised to users.

All Flinders persons with a FAN can log into FLO. Each topic has a FLO site automatically created. Staff may request other sites (eg for courses, collaborative projects, committees) by emailing flo.help@flinders.edu.au

FLO is a 'suite' of technologies. The core of FLO is Moodle, but it also includes:

  • FLO Live (Adobe Connect)
  • Text matching software (Turnitin)
  • Media uploads (Media Manager)
  • Lecture videos

The Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching (CILT) provides, administers and supports FLO. This service includes:

  • providing a secure and reliable FLO system
  • providing FLO Live – a virtual classroom system which allows voice, text and video communication over the internet. All staff are able to initiate FLO Live sessions, and invite students and members of the public to attend
  • performing upgrades as necessary to fix bugs and to improve functionality
  • providing training to staff on how to use FLO and FLO Live
  • supporting the Faculty/School eLearning support teams
  • supporting the FLO Student Help Desk
  • maintaining the integration between FLO and other systems (such as Student Two and the Lecture Recording system)
  • providing and administering a text-matching tool (Turnitin)

What does FLO look like?

The main parts of FLO are as follows:

  • FLO home page ('My FLO'): This is a list of all topics that the user personally has access to. For academic staff, these are topics you may be coordinating or teaching within, for professional staff, these may be topics you are supporting
  • Topic pages: FLO topics consist of:
    • Resources: FLO can be used to build and display topic content such as lecture notes, tutorial activities, and video files
    • Activities: FLO provides a range of online activities that can support learning and teaching, such as assignment dropboxes, quizzes, surveys and discussion boards
    • Tools for managing learning: tools such as the Gradebook can be used to record and monitor student progress

View the topic showcase (eLearning Gateway) for what a topic might look like in FLO.