Welcome to WIL at Flinders University!

Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) is recognised as a strategic priority at Flinders University.  We aim to provide all students with access to a WIL opportunity during the course of their studies, from more 'traditional' placements, practicums and field studies, to simulated workplace settings and assessment activities, across all disciplines.

These pages have been designed to provide information and resources to support WIL delivery for university staff, our students, and our host organisations.  Please click on the relevant link for more information and relevant contact details.

WIL is the term normally used to describe directed or supported educational activities that integrate theoretical learning with its application in the workplace. Flinders University places an emphasis on integration as a key element of WIL, and recognises the importance of student-centred learning as a focus for its delivery.

WIL that is intentional, organised, recognised and accredited by the University can provide powerful learning experiences for students and staff. The University has made a clear commitment to WIL and aims to provide all undergraduates with access to a WIL opportunity during the course of their studies. Such opportunities help ensure that students develop a truly integrated approach to learning through a combination of academic and work-related activities.