This page holds documents and procedures related to work integrated learning. These documents and procedures have been developed and finalised following consultation. They are not to be amended.

The framework for operationalising WIL at Flinders University is provided in the following documents.


WIL Placement Agreements

Agreements consist of three documents, approved by the University's Legal Services. 

  • Placement letter witih Terms and Conditions;
  • Placement Schedule;
  • and a Deed Poll.

A number of placement letters with terms and conditions appropriate for variations in WIL placement experiences have been developed. From the documents provided below determine which is appropriate for your needs. These documents are not to be amended. If you have concerns please discuss these with your College WIL Coordinator.

Important Information

Consult with your College WIL Coordinator before initiating a WIL Placement Agreement. 

It is possible, although undesirable, for a Placement Organisation to have more than one Agreement with the University. Wherever possible the standard Placement Letter with Terms and Conditions should be used. Specific details such as supervision qualifications and provisions may be incorporated under Section 12 Special Conditions within Appendix 2 Placement Schedule.

It is also possible for more than one Appendix 2 Placement Schedule to be attached to an Agreement with a Placement Organisation. Importantly Appendix 2 Placement Schedule needs to be appended to the appropriate agreement. For example: the University has an ongoing relationship with Placement Organisation XY. Students from a number of disciplines are placed with Organisation XY throughout the year. In this situation there may be a number of Placement Schedules with Organisation XY to ensure the discipline needs of each student cohort are adequately covered. 


National Placement Letter with Terms and Conditions

Placement letter with TandC (DOCX 171KB)  

Placement letter with TandC (practical payment and/or GP practice incentive program) (DOCX 191KB)  

* Placement letter with TandC (student is paid) (DOCX 173KB)  

* Students undertaking paid placements in their current place of employment must be undertaking tasks that are different to the tasks for which they are currently employed; and these different tasks must be outlined in associated documents (i.e., work plan, placement proposal, email, employment contract, etc.)

National Placement Schedules

Placement schedule (DOCX 55KB)

Placement Schedule with practicum payment (DOCX 62KB)

Placement schedule (student is paid) (DOCX 63KB)

National Deed Polls

Deed poll (Non-health) (DOCX 42KB)

Deed Poll (Health) (DOCX 53KB)

Deed Poll (student is paid) (DOCX 44KB)


Important Information: International Placements

Establishing international WIL placements requires months of careful planning and consultation. The International Centre's Learn Without Borders Team suggests at least seven months is required. Please consult with your College's WIL Coordinator to discuss your ideas. 

International Placement Letter with Terms and Conditions

International Placement Letter with TandCs (DOCX 173KB)

International Research Placement Letter with TandCs (DOCX 177KB)

International Health Placement Letter with TandCs (DOCX 191KB)

International Placement Schedules

International Placement Schedule (DOCX 54KB)

International Research Placement Schedule (DOCX 54KB)

International Health Placement Schedule (DOCX 62KB)

International Deed Polls

International Deed Poll (DOCX 43KB)

International Research Deed Poll (DOCX 42KB)

International Health Deed Poll (DOCX 47KB)


Do you have a Placement Letter with Terms and Conditions; a Placement Schedule; or a Deed Poll different to those available above? If so, please forward a copy of these documents to the Manager, Work Integrated Learning at 


Fitness for Placement

Fitness for placement requirements are determined by host organisations in consultation with University staff. These requirements must be:

  • listed under Item 12 Special Conditions in Appendix 2 Placement Schedule.
  • applicable to all students involved in placements with the Placement Organisation and named in Appendix 2.
  • related to the requirements of the duties or functions to be carried out in the placement.
  • consistent with University policy and Commonwealth and State Government legislation relating to equal opportunity and discrimination.

Important Information: Providing students with Fitness for Placement Forms

The benefit of having forms, such as those provided below, in a central place is that they are able to be updated as the need arises. This ensures that the version is accurate at the time of viewing. For this reason, when providing students with access to the form(s), it is important that you follow the steps outlined below .

  1. Open the form that is required.
  2. The form will open in a new window. The URL on this new window is unique and does not require a FAN or password to access.
  3. Copy the URL from the form's window address bar.
  4. Use this URL in communication. It is suggested that you establish a hyperlink from your document, FLO site, web site, etc. to the required form/s.

Fitness for Placement Forms

Infection and Immunisation forms A and B (PDF 877KB)

Infection and Immunisation Form B (PDF 877KB)

Infection and Immunisation Form A (PDF 877KB)

Student refusal to vaccinate_Form B (PDF 148KB)

APHRA Fitness to undertake placements (PDF 129KB)

Fitness for Placement Procedures

National Police Check (PDF 71KB)

Student Documents

2018 Immunisation Advisory Booklet (PDF 489KB)