Our aim at Flinders University is to provide a Work Integrated Learning (WIL) opportunity for all our undergraduates to extend their learning beyond the classroom. This could take the form of placements, internships or clinical experience, for example, or simulated activities.

Learning activities are specifically designed for students to integrate and appropriately apply previous learning and knowledge to make decisions in a work-related context. In addition, students are taught and encouraged to reflect upon their own decisions and actions in those work-related activities to critically appraise themselves.

The benefits students gain from a WIL experience are:

  • Making the connection between the knowledge, skills and attributes they are developing through their studies and their employability capabilities
  • Developing an awareness of workplace culture and expectations
  • Building confidence in workplace capabilities
  • Developing workplace skills including communication, team work, problem solving, critical thinking and professionalism
  • Broadening professional networks and connections
  • Increased understanding of the nature and standard of industry-required skills and a better appreciation of the world of work

Other sources of information and support

For employability skills development, the Careers and Employability Service provides a diverse range of career related services and programs to students and recent graduates. The online employment portal, CareerHub is a one stop shop for employment opportunities, career events and resources.

The Flinders Horizon Professional Development Award is an award program designed to complement every Flinders student’s academic study. It provides opportunities to engage in activities and experiences, on-campus and externally, that develop and enhance professional skills required in the contemporary and future work space.

The University provides confidential and professional health, counselling and disability services to all currently-enrolled Flinders University students, including those studying completely online. The Service can also assist with equal opportunity concerns. The University provides a free counselling service for students. The counsellors have background experience in a broad range of areas including those directly relevant to a WIL.

The Flinders University Student Association (FUSA) runs a free, independent and confidential service that provides academic advocacy as well as financial and welfare assistance to students enrolled at Flinders University. FUSA’s primary goal is to make sure all Flinders students enjoy equal and fair treatment while attending university and that no external obstacles stand in the way of study.

The University has a comprehensive insurance program protecting its assets, staff and students. A summary of insurances available, including those applicable to WIL activities can be found here.