In line with the University's principles and policy framework for education, learning and teaching, the Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching team (formerly the Centre for University Teaching) has developed the Flinders Foundations of University Teaching (FFOUT) Program. FFOUT is open to all academic staff who wish to develop their teaching skills. Academic staff who are new to Flinders University are required to participate in this course as stipulated in our current Enterprise Agreement.

FFOUT endeavours to promote an interactive learning environment with an array of collaborative learning projects, workshops and reflective writing processes that will assist participants to develop networks within the University and a theoretical and practical understanding of contemporary developments in learning and teaching. The main objectives of the program cater to the immediate needs of a newly appointed academic staff and provide them with an opportunity to develop a pragmatic approach to learning as well as to build a support network of academics and other key staff throughout the University.

Past participants have indicated that participation in the program has helped them become more confident in teaching; given them an increased awareness about the importance of being responsive to students and encouraged them to think more critically as well as to make more conscious choices in relation to teaching and learning. Those participants who were more experienced teachers said that participation had affirmed and validated the way that they taught and provided an opportunity to think about the way they teach. Others have said that participation in FFOUT allowed them to gain further insights, strategies and/or knowledge about teaching and learning.

The FFOUT Program also provides a pathway to gaining a formal qualification related to learning and teaching and scholarship of teaching in higher education. FFOUT attracts exemption from one core topic for the specialisation in Higher Education within the Graduate Certificate in Education at Flinders University.


The FFOUT Program aims to:

  • assist new staff to learn and discuss current theory and research about learning and teaching in higher education
  • assist new staff to consider how learning theory can be applied within their own discipline
  • provide meaningful, experiential learning opportunities and on-going support for new staff beginning university teaching
  • provide access to learning and teaching resources, including models of effective teaching techniques
  • provide a forum in which new staff can critically reflect on, and develop, their own philosophy and practice of teaching
  • foster the establishment of supportive and productive networks that assist individual staff, the Faculties, and the University to improve and enhance the quality of learning and teaching at Flinders University. 

Program Requirements and Registration

All newly appointed academic staff members with continuing, convertible and fixed-term positions are required to attend the FFOUT Program. Staff members should complete the program within their first year of employment. Evidence of completion must be included as part of the documentation to satisfy the requirements for confirmation of employment towards the end of their probation period.

Confirmation of Attendance forms will be forwarded to staff members for registration several weeks prior to the commencement of the intensive core workshop series. These forms must be signed by the participant's immediate supervisor and must be submitted to:

Ann Luzeckyj
Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching
Room 456, Engineering Building

NOTE: for all exemption queries, please contact the Pro Vice Chancellor (Learning & Teaching Innovation), Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching.

The number of participants in the FFOUT Program workshops is limited for effective delivery of the program so we encourage an early submission of registration forms.


It may be appropriate in special circumstances to exempt a staff member from all or part of the Flinders Foundation of University Teaching Program, in recognition of significant teaching experience or recent training.

Participation in the FFOUT Program should be discussed by the staff member with their supervisor within the first month of appointment, as part of establishing training requirements required to fulfil probation conditions. While the onus is on the staff member to provide the case for full/part exemption, it is up to the supervisor to determine whether an exemption should be sought.

Exemptions will be granted by the Pro Vice Chancellor (Learning & Teaching Innovation), Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching, to whom a case for full/part exemption should initially be submitted by the staff member, together with confirmation of the supervisor's support. The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), if needed, will have final authority for determining exemptions.

This process should occur as early as possible so that the staff member and supervisor are clear about what training, if any, needs to be completed within the probationary period.

Towards the end of probation, as part of the formal documentation provided to satisfy the requirements for confirmation of employment, the staff member will need to include evidence of any full or part exemption that has been granted.

All exemptions from the mandatory programs will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis and will be approved in accordance to the University's Mandatory Induction Guidelines .

Program Management

Program Coordinator: Ann Luzeckyj

Program Facilitators: Don Houston, Ann LuzeckyjCassandra Hood and Debbie Charter.

Program Structure

The FFOUT Program comprises attendance and active participation in:

  • a series of workshops and online modules
  • attendance at two Learning and Teaching workshops and
  • the development and submission of a Personal Learning Portfolio. 

The FFOUT Program is generally offered once every semester.