Steve Oswald

“One of the biggest strengths of FULP is the opportunity to learn from current University leaders (who) were extremely honest and open about the challenges and issues around current leadership in the University, and I think their insights and advice were extremely valuable and topical…The other main strength is the opportunity to meet a diverse group of people from across Flinders… I simply would never have learned anything about their roles and responsibilities if it wasn’t for the program. I have made some great and useful contacts, as well as expanding my knowledge of the University as a whole (and) it would be good to know that others at Flinders get the opportunity to participate in this excellent course.”

Steve is manager of grants and projects in the Research Services Office and his project involved designing and delivering a research induction day to support staff applying for research funding.


Vanesa Duran

Vanesa is “team leader – Student Assist” in Student and Academic Services.

Her project focused on increasing awareness of the financial services that the Flinders University Student Association provide through its Student Assist arm.  

The result is a video outlining the range of support offered at Flinders, that strives to normalise student access to financial services and to contribute to a culture of support and wellbeing at Flinders University.


Corey Round

Corey is the Faculty Finance Manager in Social & Behavioural Sciences. His project involved overhauling complex finance reports for school Deans, to ensure they’re more relevant, timely and meaningful.

As well as streamlining and automating reports, the project aims to make reports a rolling “forecast” to further improve Deans’ decision making capabilities.


Sneha Kirubakaran

Sneha is a lecturer in Clinical Educator Development in the School of Medicine.

Juggling several part-time roles as a rural & urban GP, and PhD student in Medical Education, in addition to lecturing, Sneha’s leadership project focused on establishing a South Australian base for an international course on spirituality in health care.


Narmon Tulsi

“The networking was enormously beneficial, and there were many initiatives that occurred because they were part of the leadership program, that moved beyond a good idea to actually doing something to make a difference.”

Narmon is Research Development Office in the Faculty of Education Humanities and Law

His project involved a pilot research project designed to better connect science education with the real world.