Flinders Centre for Clinical Change and Health Care Research

Flinders Centre for Clinical Change and Health Care Research is focused upon the development of high value research and evidence to inform optimal decision making and implementation of cost effective health care interventions.

Current membership of the centre includes 88 clinicians and researchers supervising over 100 students, spanning a diverse array of disciplines such as:

  • nursing
  • allied health
  • palliative care
  • rehabilitation and aged care medicine
  • sleep medicine
  • cardiovascular medicine
  • intensive care
  • health economics.

Our member community endeavors to foster collaborative relationships with local, national and international partners and to serve in key roles within high profile public health and health promotion organisations.

The Centre has four areas of research performance:

Prevention and management of chronic conditions

The primary aim of research in this area is to improve health outcomes for both individuals and populations with chronic conditions.  Learn more

Implementation research

Implementation research is the study of methods to promote the systematic uptake of clinical research findings and evidence-based practice, improving the effectiveness, reliability, safety, appropriateness, equity and efficiency of healthcare. Learn more

Evidence-based clinical practice

This research theme seeks to evaluate the current disease-specific barriers to care from the perspective of the patient, the clinician and the health care system.  Learn More

Health economics

Our health economics focus is on the clinical and cost effectiveness of current therapies for many of the common conditions impacting our community.  Learn more



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