Flinders Centre for Clinical Change and Health Care Research was founded to address the challenges of the ageing Australian population combined with the expanding costs of providing optimal health care. Our key strategic focus, research direction and collaborations are toward the effective and cost efficient delivery of clinical therapies and facilitation of their translation into improved clinical practice and outcomes.  Members of the Centre undertake and publish high value research in one or more of the following areas of focus:

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Prevention and management of chronic conditions

Chronic conditions refer to those people with long term medical (diseases), psychiatric disorders and disabilities or combinations of these in the one person. The primary aim of researchers engaged in this theme is to improve the health outcomes of people with chronic conditions. As many chronic conditions are caused or exacerbated by individual behaviour and psychosocial factors, prevention and management of chronic conditions have considerable overlap. Therefore, this theme focuses on the full range of research including:

  • underlying pathology, mechanisms or aetiology
  • prevention
  • clinical treatments
  • management by teams of health professionals from all health disciplines.
Research focuses on both the individual with the condition and populations of people with chronic conditions. There is an emphasis on research into: