What is Honours?

Honours is a fourth year of study that continues from a three-year undergraduate degree. It's a one-year specialisation related to your undergraduate study.

There are two ways of doing an Honours degree; an extra year after completing your Bachelor degree, or direct entry into a four-year combined bachelor and honours degree.

The information below focuses on the extra year after a Bachelor degree.

Why do Honours?

Honours is a qualification that demonstrates your capacity to undertake study at an advanced level in your area.

It will help you progress to doing a research higher degree and help your chances of getting a research higher degree scholarship. Even if you're not interested in further study, an Honours degree will help your job prospects.

What Honours degrees are available

Honours is available in most subject areas.

Entry requirements

Entry into Honours is highly competitive. If you have demonstrated academic excellence (a Grade Point Average of 5.00 or above) during your Bachelor degree you are invited to apply to do Honours. Please note that you will need to meet the course specific entry requirements to be eligible for an offer. These requirements may change from year-to-year as some courses are more competitive than others.

Whether you're invited to apply, or you want to apply, you will need to contact the Honours Coordinator in your discipline to discuss your project and make arrangements for supervision.

Honours course coordinators (select the degree you're interested to display course coordinator information).

How to apply

For all courses except laws and legal practice, psychology, biological sciences, and chemical and physical sciences use the Honours Application Form (PDF 48KB) .

Biological sciences Honours applications

Chemical and physical sciences Honours information anad application

Laws and legal practice Honours information and enquiries

Psychology Honours information and application

You can apply for Honours at any time but will need to do so well before your Honours topics commence in semester 1 or 2, to give enough time for approvals. Make sure you check entry requirements.

Fees and scholarships

Honours degrees are still classified as undergraduate so if you are a domestic student you will be able to continue deferring your Student Contribution through HECS-HELP provided you meet the eligibility criteria.

If you're an international student you will need to pay your fees upfront. While eligible for Commonwealth support, permanent residents and New Zealand citizens are not eligible to defer their student contribution amounts to HECS-HELP.

View the scholarships available for Honours students.