The Bachelor of Design and Technology Innovation requires three years of full-time study (or the equivalent part-time).

Students enrolled in, or having completed, a bachelor’s degree in the fields of Science, Engineering or Business from Flinders University or an approved equivalent qualification from another institution may receive credit depending on their studies completed.

Admission requirements

The minimum requirements for consideration for entry to all undergraduate courses are specified in detail in the University Entry Requirements. There are no prerequisites.

Course aims

The course has been designed to provide or build upon the skills acquired in a relevant Bachelor's degree and specifically provide graduates of science, engineering and business awards with:

  • an understanding of the theory and practice of design and product development
  • an understanding of the theory and practice of innovation and how it applies to their chosen field of study
  • an understanding of business, design and innovation skills
  • a sound understanding of a science, engineering or technology discipline
  • an understanding of professional and ethical responsibilities and a commitment to them
  • an ability to apply existing knowledge to contribute to innovation and entrepreneurship within an organisation
  • an ability to carry out management tasks in a science or engineering-based enterprise
  • an ability to understand a typical science and engineering company structure, operation, responsibilities and business culture.

Learning outcomes 

On completion of the award, students will be able to:

  • understand and competently use scientific, engineering or technological skills and knowledge in an environment in which innovation is essential
  • understand and use design techniques and knowledge
  • apply skills and knowledge in a professionally responsible manner
  • communicate effectively with other scientists and engineers as well as associated professionals and the wider community using a wide range of communication technologies
  • work professionally as an individual and in a team
  • develop ideas and solutions appropriate to the social, political, economic and environmental contexts in which they are applied
  • engage in the process of continuing learning.

Program of study

To qualify for the Bachelor of Design and Technology Innovation a student must complete 108 units with a grade of P or NGP or better in each topic, according to the program of study below. Students must complete the core topics as well as 36 units from a defined Science or Engineering major or specialisation as laid out in the Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Engineering Science.

Students who are undertaking this award in combination with a Flinders University Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics award may receive between 54 and 72 units of credit depending on the topics taken as part of the STEM award.

 Core - Year 1 topics

DSGN1102 Design Communication (4.5 units)
Professional Skills (4.5 units)
ENGR1711 Engineering Design (4.5 units)
INNO1002 Entrepreneurial Thinking: Science and Technology Development and Commercialisation (4.5 units)

Plus one of:

MATH1121 Mathematics 1A (4.5 units)
MATH1701 Mathematics Fundamentals 1A (4.5 units)
STAT1121 Data Science (4.5 units)
STAT1122 Biostatistics (4.5) units

Plus 13.5 units of science or engineering topics at Level 1000 (See notes 1,2)

 Core - Year 2 topics

DSGN2702 Design for Manufacture (4.5 units)
DSGN2722 Design Methods (4.5 units)
INNO1003 Crowd, Cloud and Open Innovation: Leveraging your Ecosystem for Innovation (4.5 units)
INNO2001 Social Entrepreneurship: Doing Good While Doing Well (4.5 units)
INNO2002 Emerging Market Innovation (4.5 units)

Plus 13.5 upper level units of any one Bachelor of Science Major or Bachelor of Engineering Science Specialisation (See note 2)

 Core - Year 3 topics

DSGN3702 Design Studio (9 units) (See Note 3)

Plus 18 upper level units of any one Bachelor of Science Major or Bachelor of Engineering Science Specialisation (See note 2)

Plus 9 units selected from the list below:

INNO3001 Innovation that Works: Building Innovative Business Models (4.5 units)
INNO3002 New Venture Creation: Entrepreneurial Strategies, Resources & Teams (4.5 units)
DSGNXXXX Ergonomics and User Centred Design (4.5 units)
Additional upper level units of any one Bachelor of Science Major or Bachelor of Engineering Science Specialisation


  1. Students should be careful to select topics required for progression to the science or engineering major of their choice. Please consult the Director of Studies
  2. Students may choose 31.5 upper level units from any one BSc major or Bachelor of Engineering Science specialisation.
  3. With the permission of the Director of Studies, students may replace DSGN3702 Design Studio (9 units) with ENGR3750 Workplace Preparation (0 units) and DSGN3700 Design and Technology Innovation Practicum (9 units).


Enrolment in the honours program may be offered to a student who meets certain academic criteria and subject to the school being able to provide appropriate resources and staff to supervise the program.

Refer to Bachelor of Design and Technology Innovation (Honours) - offered from 2018 onwards

Combined degrees

You can combine this course with any other bachelor or four year honours course offered by the Faculty of Science and Engineering at Flinders University. This includes all courses in science, engineering, information technology and environment.