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The program of study aims to develop a range of transferable research, analytical and communication skills including the capacity to:

  • demonstrate a foundation in both the theoretical and the practical aspects of computer science
  • understand professional and ethical responsibilities and a commitment to them
  • critically analyse and evaluate information and solve problems
  • demonstrate awareness of social, economic, cultural and environmental aspects of computer science and computer-based systems
  • work professionally as an individual and as a member of multi-disciplinary teams
  • understand the need to undertake lifelong learning and the capacity to do so
  • prepare for future professional roles as a computer scientist.

The major provides the foundations that will underpin ongoing professional development, preparing graduates for further study or for a career in a computing related field or in other areas where the range of skills and knowledge acquired is needed or desirable.

Learning outcomes

On completion of the major students will be able to:

  • competently use professional skills and knowledge in the systematic development of complex computer-based systems
  • apply their skills and knowledge in a professionally responsible manner
  • communicate effectively with other computer scientists and the wider global community using a wide range of communication technologies
  • work professionally as an individual and in a team
  • develop computer-based solutions appropriate to the social, political, international, economic and environmental contexts in which they are applied
  • engage in the process of continuing learning needed to retain the necessary level of professional skills and knowledge in the area of computer science.

Program of study

Major - Computer Science - Year 1

13.5 units comprising:

Core - Year 1 Topics

 COMP1001  Fundamentals of Computing  (4.5 units)
 COMP1102  Computer Programming 1  (4.5 units)

Option - Year 1 Topics

Plus one of :

 MATH1121  Mathematics 1A  (4.5 units)
 MATH1701  Mathematics Fundamentals  (4.5 units)

Major - Computer Science - Year 2

18 units comprising:

Option - Year 2 Topics

Four of:

 COMP2711  Computer Programming 2  (4.5 units)
 COMP2731  Software Engineering 1  (4.5 units)
 COMP2761  Database and Conceptual Modelling  (4.5 units)
 COMP2781  Computer Mathematics  (4.5 units)
 ENGR2782  Computer Networks and Operating Systems  (4.5 units)
 ENGR2792  Software Engineering 2  (4.5 units)

Major - Computer Science - Year 3

18 units comprising:

Option - Year 3 Topics

Four of:

 COMP3712  Computer Programming 3  (4.5 units)
 COMP3722  Theory and Practice of Computation  (4.5 units)
 COMP3732  Enterprise Cloud Systems  (4.5 units)
 COMP3751  Interactive Computer Systems  (4.5 units)
 COMP3771  Advanced Database  (4.5 units)