The course is offered by the Faculty of Education, Humanities and Law.

Admission requirements

A student who has completed all the requirements of the Bachelor of Law and Society, or another qualification which the Faculty Board agrees is equivalent, may be accepted as a candidate for the honours degree providing a sufficiently high standard has been achieved in fulfilling the requirements for the bachelors degree. Applicants must normally have achieved a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 5.25 or better in the Bachelor of Law and Society, or equivalent qualification, to be eligible to apply for entry.

Course aims

The honours program in Law and Society aims to provide students with opportunities to extend their skills and knowledge of the relationship between law and society. It also aims to provide students with skills and knowledge in research and the presentation of that research both orally and in writing.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of this honours program students will:

  • be able to demonstrate their understanding of issues and theories of policy analysis
  • have an extended knowledge of contemporary law and society issues in a global context
  • be able to analyse and critically evaluate ideas and concepts in law and society issues
  • have developed skills to present their research both orally and in writing
  • be able to plan research activities and manage their time independently.

Program of study

To qualify for the Bachelor of Law and Society (Honours) degree a student must complete satisfactorily 36 units of study as specified in the program of study.

Honours - Law and Society - Thesis topics

22.5 units comprising:

CRIM7300A  Honours Thesis in Law and Criminology  (9/22.5 units)
CRIM7300B  Honours Thesis in Law and Criminology  (9/22.5 units)
CRIM7300C  Honours Thesis in Law and Criminology  (4.5/22.5 units)

Honours - Law and Society- Core topics

13.5 units comprising:

CRIM7301  Advanced Theory and Research Applications  (4.5 units)
CRIM7302  Applied Research Methods  (4.5 units)
CRIM7303  Field Practice  (4.5 units)