The graduate entry Bachelor of Letters (Mathematics) is a 108-unit program for which 72 units of block credit is automatically granted on the basis of completion of a prior bachelor's degree or equivalent qualification. The graduate entry Bachelor of Letters (Mathematics) is normally requires part-time study over three years or six consecutive semesters. It is offered by the College of Science and Engineering.

The stream undertaken by the student will be identified on the student’s transcript of academic record and on the parchment presented to the student on completion of the course.

Admission requirements

Applicants must normally hold an approved degree or equivalent qualification from an approved tertiary institution. The Faculty Board may, however, under certain circumstances and subject to specific conditions, admit others who can show evidence of fitness for candidature. Successful completion of Stage 2 Mathematics or equivalent is reqired for entry to the Mathematics stream.

Course aims

The course has been designed to provide graduates with:

  • a foundation in both the theoretical and the practical aspects of applied mathematics and/or statistics
  • an ability to critically analyse and evaluate mathematical and/or statistical information, to create models and solve problems
  • preparation for future professional roles using mathematics.

Learning outcomes

On completion of the award, students will be able to:

  • proficiently use mathematical skills and knowledge to analyse and systematically develop complex systems
  • demonstrate a broad understanding of the mathematical sciences discipline
  • communicate effectively with other mathematicians and the wider global community
  • develop mathematical solutions that address problems arising from a variety of social, political, international, economic and environmental contexts.

Program of study

To qualify for the Bachelor of Letters (Mathematics), a student must complete 36 units according to the program of study set out below, with a grade of P or NGP or better in each topic.

No topic may be counted towards both the Bachelor of Letters and the student’s other bachelor degree.

Stream - Mathematics

Core - Year 1 topics

9 units comprising:

 MATH1121  Mathematics 1A  (4.5 units)
 MATH1122  Mathematics 1B  (4.5 units)

Core - Year 2 topics

13.5 units selected from:

 MATH2701  Principles of Analysis  (4.5 units)
 MATH2702  Linear Algebra and Differential Equations  (4.5 units)
 MATH2711  Several Variable Calculus  (4.5 units)
 MATH2722  Numerical Analysis  (4.5 units)

Core - Year 3 topics

9 units selected from:

 MATH3702  Methods of Applied Mathematics  (4.5 units)
 MATH3711  Complex Analysis  (4.5 units)
 MATH3712  Partial Differential Equations  (4.5 units)
 MATH3731  Algebra  (4.5 units)

Plus additional 4.5 units selected from Year 2 or Year 3 above where prerequisites are met.