Students are strongly advised to check the relevant topic dates and availability on the University Timetable before enrolling in one of the electives listed below. Not all topics listed are available each year.

Please note that other Education topics may be available to students as electives after negotiation with the relevant Course Coordinator.

Students must check and meet the topic prerequisites.


 Topic Code
 Topic Title
 EDUC4743 Extended Rural Professional Experience
 EDUC4831 Exploring Literacies and Intercultural Contexts in Languages Pedagogy (Primary R-7)
 EDUC4833 Professional Experience Elective
 EDUC4834 Planning for Contextual Teaching (Primary)
 EDUC4835 Educating Gifted and Creative Learners
 EDUC4836 Partnerships, Parents and Participation
 EDUC4837 Researching with Young Children   
 EDUC4839 ICT as a Tool for Learning and Teaching
 EDUC4840 Myth, Magic & Mystery: Psychological Insights into the World of the Child
 EDUC4841 Teaching and Living in Rural Communities
 EDUC4842 Promoting Positive Peer Relations & Wellbeing: Reducing bullying amongst children and young people 
 EDUC4844 Leading Literacy Learning
 EDUC4845 Creating Calmer Classrooms for Students with Trauma Related Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties  
 EDUC4846 Holistic Teaching and Learning   
 EDUC4847 Positive Mental Health in School Communities   
 EDUC4850 Special Interest in Education   
 EDUC4850A Special Interest in Education   
 EDUC4881 Studies of Asia Across the Curriculum: An Introduction
 EDUC4882 Respectful Teaching with Infants and Toddlers   
 EDUC9701 Effective Use of ICT for Learning and Teaching
 HLPE3534 Introduction to Sport Coaching, Management and Administration
 VISA3404 Visual Thinking and Creativity
 Any other EDUC topic By negotiation with the Course and Topic Coordinator