The Options Table for Computer Science, Engineering, Information Technology and Mathematics undergraduate and postgraduate courses lists later year option topics available to students subject to prerequisites and course groupings. Not all topics listed are taught in any year. All topics are 4.5 units. Group codes are as follows:

  • B - Biomedical Engineering
  • V - Civil Engineering
  • C - Computer Science / Information Technology
  • Y - Computer and Network Systems Engineering
  • D - Digital Media
  • L - Electrical
  • E - Electronics
  • M - Mathematics and Statistics
  • H - Mechanical (including Naval Architecture)
  • N - Network Systems
  • R - Robotics
  • S - Software Engineering
  • ^ - Topic available to all groups as part of Table A non-discipline specific units
 Code  Topic Name
COMP7701 Advanced Enterprise Security C, N, S
COMP7702 Pattern Recognition C, M, N, S, Y
COMP7706 Advanced Conceptual Modelling and Knowledge Engineering C, S
COMP7707 Advanced Data Mining C, M, S
COMP7712 Embodied Conversational Agents C, R, S
COMP7715 Computational Intelligence C, S
COMP7716 Information Retrieval and Text Processing C, D, S
COMP7717 Mobile Application Development C, S, N
COMP7720 Advanced Studies in Computing A C, D, N, S, Y
COMP7721 Advanced Studies in Computing B C, D, N, S, Y
COMP7722 Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Groupware C, S
DSGN7701 Ergonomics and User Centred Design ^
DSGN7722 International Industrial Design ^
Earth Sciences (EASC), Environmental Studies (ENVS) or Geography (GEOG) topics with the approval of the Director of Studies V
ENGR7701 Advanced Biomechanics B, H
ENGR7702 Biomaterials B, H
ENGR7707 Medical Physics B
ENGR7709 Real Time Systems B, E, H, L, R, Y
ENGR7711 Advanced Control Systems B, E, H, L, R, Y 
ENGR7712 Autonomous Systems  E, L, R
ENGR7720 Advanced Studies in Engineering A ALL
ENGR7721 Advanced Vibration Analysis H
ENGR7731 Computer Architecture E, Y
ENGR7732 Instrumentation E, L, R, Y
ENGR7742 Advanced Concrete Design and Analysis V
ENGR7752 Advanced Solid Mechanics H
ENGR7761 Image Processing E, R, S, Y
ENGR7762 Renewable Energy Systems E, L
ENGR7771 Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology B
ENGR7772 Transport Planning and Modelling V
ENGR7781 Innovation in Medical Devices B
ENGR7791 Software Engineering 4 C, S
ENGR7811 Advanced Mechanical Design H
ENGR7812 Power Electronics E, L
ENGR7821 Electrical Power Systems L
ENGR7831 Advanced Studies in Engineering B All
ENGR7841 Wireless and Telecommunications Systems E, Y
ENGR7851 Advanced Electronic Design E
ENGR7861 Applied Acoustics H
ENGR7871 Corrosion B, H, V
ENGR7872 Advanced Infrastructure Engineering Design 2 V
ENGR7881 Electrical, Optical and Magnetic Materials and Devices E, H, L, Y
ENGR7891 Fatigue and Fracture Analysis H, V
ENGR7901 Manufacturing Processes and Metal Forming H
ENGR7911 Materials for Civil and Construction H, V
ENGR7921 Materials Selection in Design H
ENGR7931 Open-Source Software Practice S
ENGR7941 Advanced Foundation Design and Analysis V
ENGR7961 Finite Element Methods B, H, L, M, V
ENGR8732 Biomechanics GE H
ENGR8841 Hydrostatics GE H
ENGR9742 Standards, Ethics and Compliance ^
MATH7707 Optimisation L, M
MATH7709 Topology M
MATH7712 Differential Geometry M
MATH7720 Advanced Studies in Mathematics A M
MATH7721 Advanced Studies in Mathematics B M
MATH7722 Calculus of Variations M
MATH7731 Mathematical Problems in Industry L, M
MATH7732 Real Analysis M
MMEDxxxx Medicine (MMED) topics with the approval of the Director of Studies B
SCME7xxx Screen and Media (SCME) topics with the approval of the Director of Studies D


  1. Appropriate alternative topics from across the University may be selected with the approval of the Director of Studies.
  2. Postgraduate students may also select COMP, ENGR and MATH 8000-level topics with the approval of the Director of Studies.