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Why study Chemistry? 

Chemistry is involved in some way with almost everything we do or use and has improved our standard of living beyond all recognition. It has provided the drugs, antibiotics and anaesthetics that have relieved pain and suffering; the polymers and plastics in our homes, cars and workplaces; the synthetic fibres that clothe us; the batteries that power our homes, cars and workplaces; the batteries that power our portable technologies – the list is virtually endless. It is hard to imagine any new product in recent times that did not require the creative efforts of a chemist at some stage in its development.

Research chemists have various roles. They conceive, provide and evaluate new compounds and materials, or new investigative techniques and instrumentation, which are so often the basis of economic progress and enhancement of the quality of life. Chemists study molecular transformations and how they take place, enabling us to understand our world.

The study of chemistry will appeal to those who are interested in developing the materials, molecules and pharmaceuticals of the future, or to those who are curious about molecular transformations and how they take place.

The Chemistry program covers the broad spectrum of chemistry at First and Second Years, while allowing for increased specialisation at Third Year. Students gain experience
in using a wide range of modern instrumentation.

During Honours you will focus on a particular aspect of chemistry through specialised courses and a research project. Once you have completed your Chemistry major or extended major you have access to numerous career opportunities.

For those who would like to pursue a career in research, a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree in chemistry can lead to a PhD in areas as diverse as DNA manipulation, drug design and synthesis, and catalyst design.

What will I study?

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Career Opportunities

Recent graduates are employed in the wine, pharmaceutical, paint, mining, petrochemical, petroleum and automotive industries, and research and analytical laboratories.

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