Why study computer science?

Computing has become vital to all areas of science and technology and plays an increasingly important role in commercial and social life.

The computer science major provides you with a broad background in programming, databases, networks and computer systems, enabling you to develop technical expertise in computers and theri application.

Computer science professionals can be distinguished from information systems professions by the extent to which the focus is on practical techniques for the implementation and application of computer systems rather than the broader information problem itself.

Students who major in computer science can access a diversity of careers in database administration, enterprise IT, network design and implementation, computer architecture design, computing services and software development.

You can progress to an Honours Year which will allow you to further develop your professional skills, particularly those relevant to research and development, as well as your technical expertise and knowledge.

Career opportunities

Combining computer science with other areas of science enables you to gain high-level computing skills, which can then be applied in a wide range of scientific and technical professions. For example, combining computer science with biology can lead to a career in the exciting area of bioinformatics, or computer science combined with mathematics can lead to a career in financial modelling.

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