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Why study Ecology, Behaviour and Evolution? 

Sustainable management of the natural environment depends on a sound understanding of the way that organisms have evolved and their interactions with other organisms and the physical environment (ecology).

Evolution is an adaptive process that accounts for the enormous diversity of organisms and how this has changed over the history of life on earth. Ecology enables us to further understand how these organisms function and persist in complex communities.

We have entered an era of unprecedented rates of species extinctions and habitat loss, due to human pressure and global climate change. Consequently, research directed towards understanding the world’s biodiversity is becoming increasingly urgent.

This major introduces you to the study of living animals, plants and fungi, how they interact and their role in the complex ecology of life in communities. It will also provide an insight into current evolutionary thinking and the experimental procedures used to test new hypotheses in evolution and ecology.

First Year will cover a wide scope of biology (the study of life) and the chemical foundations of life. The second and third years of study will become more focussed with topics covering genetics, ecology, plant and animal diversity and physiology, and experimental design.

These topics will use both terrestrial and aquatic systems as examples and will involve field trips, laboratories and research projects.

Some students will progress to further study in Honours and higher research degrees.

What will I study?

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Career Opportunities

Students who complete a major in Ecology, Behaviour and Evolution will be competitive for jobs involving fieldwork and conservation, as well as in government agencies and teaching.

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