Why study environmental hydrology and water resources? 

Water is one of the most basic requirements for life on planet Earth. But will there be enough fresh water to drink as human populations continue to expand rapidly in the 21st century? How will our environment and ecosystems respond to these global changes in planetary hydrology? Will predicted world water wars become a reality of the not too distant future?

These are just some unanswered questions of worldwide significance with obvious importance to South Australia, the driest state in the driest inhabited continent in the world.

The environmental hydrology and water resources major is about solving a diverse range of environmental and water problems.

It gives you a broad background in natural sciences including earth sciences, environmental sciences and marine sciences.

Career opportunities

Upon successful completion of this major, you will be equipped with the professional and scientific skills to work in numerous organisations including CSIRO, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), water catchment boards, private environmental consulting firms and government water, land and biodiversity departments.

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