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Why study Mathematics? 

Mathematics is an essential life- skill. Not only is it widely used in science, engineering and technology, it is also used in a wide variety of other professions including finance, economics, insurance and medicine. Students gain a firm foundation in the basic principles and techniques of modern mathematics, and will understand how mathematics is applied in the social and natural sciences.

First Year introduces key concepts and techniques in calculus, analytic geometry and matrix algebra. A feature of First Year is a modelling approach to mathematics and how to apply modelling within a coherent framework.

Second Year establishes a broad foundation that enables further study in all areas of modern mathematics, while in Third Year you can tailor your studies to individual interests and needs.

Throughout the program, studies in mathematics can be integrated with computing to help you develop critical skills in the use of symbolic computation.

Mathematics and mathematical modelling techniques contribute to a diverse range of research, for example, genetics and financial modelling.

Pure mathematics is an area that can be pursued by those who are interested in the theory of mathematics.

Those who wish to specialise in mathematics in order to become professional mathematicians can choose study options that lead to Honours and higher research degrees.

What will I study?

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Career opportunities

Mathematics is a valuable tool in many areas of life and prepares students for a wide range of careers. It is widely used in science, engineering and technology in estimating, modelling and forecasting. It is used in specific professions such as computer graphics, finance, insurance and linguistics.

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