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Why study Molecular Biosciences?

This extended major combines molecular biosciences – which includes the disciplines of molecular biology, biochemistry, molecular genetics and biotechnology – with the discipline of microbiology. Microbiology is the study of the smallest organisms, micro-organisms, and without them the world would not exist.

Micro-organisms were the only living inhabitants on planet Earth for approximately 2.5 billion years. As they evolved, micro-organisms shaped the planet and created climate change, altering the whole planet’s atmosphere from one without oxygen to that which we breathe today.

Micro-organisms are everywhere, and have significant positive and negative benefits to us as humans and to the survival of the planet, as they play
a significant role in disease and the recycling of nutrients.

An extended major in Molecular Bioscience and Microbiology will give you a scientific overview of micro-organisms, including their biochemistry, molecular biology and molecular genetics. You will gain hands-on experience and skills in isolating, culturing, counting, identifying and manipulating many different kinds of micro-organisms in the laboratory.

What will I study?

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Career opportunities

Molecular biosciences and microbiology have applications across various careers, creating many and varied job opportunities in every area of human activity – from obvious ones like the food, wine and beer industry, medicine, public health, veterinary science, agriculture, provision of safe drinking water and bioremediation, to many less obvious areas like mining (eg, low cost extraction of metals), the navy, aquaculture and the oil industry (eg, attempting to minimise biofouling of ship hulls, fish farm nets and deep sea oil rigs), and astrobiology (the hunt for extraterrestrial life or evidence that it once existed). Microbiology is a key component of the biotechnology industry.

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