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Why study Ocean and Climate Sciences? 

Study in this area is for those students who wish to gain a sound basis for understanding the behaviour of oceans and coastal seas, and also the climate, so that resources in a changing environment can be soundly managed.

The program of study progressively develops a deeper and quantitative understanding of the physical processes shaping the marine environment and influencing climate. This includes project work, directed field exercises with modern oceanographic and meteorological instruments, and theoretical challenges such as state-of-the-art computer-based modelling.

There is also scope for inter- disciplinary studies, which combine this area with others such as biology, hydrology, physics and mathematics, to broaden employment possibilities. Graduates who have completed their undergraduate degree at a high level, and wish to develop their research skills in a particular field, can take a further year of study at Honours level. The Honours Year covers advanced topics that focus on research into problems of local, national or global importance , such as the major coastal upswelling of the southern coast.

What will I study?

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Career Opportunities

On successful completion of this major you will be prepared for a professional career as a consultant or scientist with institutions such as the Bureau of Meteorology, various divisions of CSIRO, SARDI, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), or in aquaculture or environmental consulting firms in private industry.

Completion of a higher degree (PhD or Master of Science) provides even greater career opportunities including working as part of an international team of scientists on large projects devoted to improving knowledge of the ocean and climate sciences.

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