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Why study Physics? 

Physics is the enabling science behind many modern technologies and devices that influence our daily lives. With a profound knowledge and understanding of the fundamental laws of nature, those who have a degree in physics will be empowered to transfer their skills to any technical vocation or further study.

In First and Second Years you will explore in depth the broad spectrum of known phenomena in classic and modern science, while in Third Year there is scope to specialise.

Physics can also be combined with other branches of science, such as mathematics, chemistry, earth sciences or biology. Students gain experience in using a wide range of modern instrumentation, and develop technical and critical thinking skills.

During Honours you will focus on a particular aspect of physics through specialised courses and a research project.

For those interested in pursuing a career in research, a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in physics can lead to a PhD in areas as diverse as theoretical development in quantum, statistical and process physics, as well as experimental areas such as solid state and surface physics and atomic and molecular physics.

What will I study?

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Career Opportunities

Graduates will have a versatile background in fundamental science that will position them to access a wide number of career options in areas such as optics and photonics, telecommunications, micro and nanoelectronics, instrumentation development, acoustics, geophysics, meteorology, teaching and finance, as well as in research and development laboratories such as DST Group and CSIRO.

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