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Why study Public policy? 

Government is changing rapidly. Governments are employing more university graduates to undertake policy-related research, analyse policy options, manage public programs and advise on political strategies, Non-profit social agencies and businesses also need these graduates.

The public policy program at Flinders is designed to equip you to be successful at this kind of work.

You will learn about:

  • today's key policy issues
  • how government, business and society interact
  • the policymaking process
  • public servants, policy advisers and politicians
  • techniques and tools of policy analysis
  • privatisation, deregulatiion and outsourcing.

You can acquire specific knowledge about policy areas that interest you. Examples include education policy, welfare policy, environmental policy, immigration policy, Indigenous affairs, housing policy, tax policy, economic policy and cultural policy.

Career opportunities 

The study of public policy develops specific skills and knowledge which provide an advantage for employment opportunities in the public service, public sector administration and management, research and project work in the public and private sectors, journalism, human services management, policy research and advice, government consultancy work and employment in the parliamentary sector.

It also enhances generalist job-related skills - such as skills in research, information processing, analysis evaluation, organisation, oral and written communication, and a broad general knowledge - which assist graduates to enhance their employment flexibility essential in a dynamic job market.

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