FAN and password

All students at Flinders have a Flinders Authentication Name (FAN) and password to access online services:

To obtain your FAN , activate  or change your password visit the FAN information page.

For information about creating secure passwords .

A few online services at Flinders require different logins:


All Flinders students receive a free email account. This is the email address that the University will use when sending official correspondence to you.

Your Flinders email address is For example, if your FAN is blog0001 your Flinders email account will be

Log in to OKTA.

How-Tos, FAQs and guides can be found at the Student Email Information Page.

Flinders Learning Online (FLO)

Most topics supply learning materials online via Flinders Learning Online (FLO).

The use of FLO varies from topic to topic. Your Topic Coordinator should make this clear to you at the beginning of the topic. You should normally have access to your topics in FLO one week before teaching begins.

Student information system

Enrol in or withdraw from topics, register in classes, view your timetable, update contact details, make payments and view results in the Student Information System. This is accessed via OKTA.


  • Library homepage: a wide range of services and facilities to support student learning 
  • Readings: essential course readings
  • FindIt@Flinders: search the Library's online and print collections
  • LibGuides: resources relevant to your subject