How big is my mailbox?

You have 25GB of available space in your inbox. This includes email bodies and attachments. You can see how much space you are using by selecting Options... See all options, My account.

What is my Office 365 ID?

Essentially your Office 365 ID is the username you use to access all the services offered by Office 365. Please note that Flinders provides no support for services other than Outlook, the email service. Your Office 365 ID will be Your Office 365 password is your FAN password.

What policies or terms and conditions apply to the use of student email?

Students are bound by Flinders University's existing policies and procedures. To access these policies see the IT Policies and Procedures page. To access other Office 365 services not provided as part of student email you may be required to accept the Microsoft Terms of Use for those specific services.

How do I access my student email account?

You can read your email through your web browser. All browsers will work, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and most other web browsers on computers running UNIX, Mac OS, or Windows. However if you use a Web browser that doesn't support the full feature set, email will open in the light version with less functionality. Details on supported browsers are here.

There are two supported ways to go to your email inbox.

  1. From any Flinders page, go tot he quick links att eh bottom and select Email, to take you to a login page which will connect you to your online web access mailbox.
  2. Log in to FLO, there is a link on the right-hand side that will take you directly into your online web access mailbox.

Can I go directly to student email using a www address?

No, your FAN and password are authenticated by Flinders University so you must start from a Flinders login page.

HELP! I can't log in!!!

  1. Make sure you are not logged in to any Windows Live service, like hotmail or Skydrive.
  2. If you have non-standard security settings in your browser, you may need to reset to default settings.
  3. Select Email from the quicklinks on the Flinders home page, or click the email link in FLO. This will take you to a Flinders page with Web-based email reader on its tab.
  4. If required, select the Student email reader link which will bring up FAN and password boxes.
  5. Enter your FAN (eg abcd0001) and password and click Login.


  • You should see your email in about 20 seconds. If you are sent to a Office 365 page asking you to log out of Office 365 and log in again, you didn’t do step 1! Start again. 
  • If you are sent to an Office 365 login page, go back to the Flinders link and try again.

My login is really slow! Is anything wrong?

The down side of using a web hosted email service is that there are delays in authentication and establishing the links. Approximately 7 seconds is taken up by transmitting trust certificates from Flinders to log you into your email. It currently takes about 15 seconds for the email server to open your account and display your inbox (this is about the same as the time it takes to log in to Hotmail).

Can I connect my home/personal computer using Outlook?

You can make an Exchange connection using Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010. Follow the setup instructions in the Microsoft wizard at Note that you must use your Office 365 ID for your account everywhere you are prompted for your full email address. Your Office 365 ID is

Can I access email from my mobile device?

Yes. See Connect to a mobile device.

I can read my email in my browser but I can’t send!

Send problems can be encountered in some browsers due to security settings. You can try upgrading your browser to the latest version; set your security settings back to default; or try a different browser. Details on supported browsers are here.

Can I keep my email and other Live services when I graduate?

Your Flinders email account will be disabled when you cease to be an active student - typically 12 months after you graduate or cease to be enrolled in a course. If you have emails you want to keep, you should make a backup. You can connect your student email account to another service, such as Hotmail, and import your mail and contacts into that account. Or you can connect a program like Outlook - See Connect to student email. The email program then offers you several ways to save email and contacts, via backup or export, from the File button.

Nicknames - can I set up an alternative name for email?

You cannot currently setup an alternate name for your email. If you change your name, please Ask Flinders to have your official records updated.

I don’t like how the mail looks. How do I change the reading pane and/or Conversations view?

In the Mail view, above the search box, is a menu bar. Select the View menu. In the dropdown box are options to switch conversations on or off, and to relocate or switch off the preview pane. Below the search box you will see details of the configuration of conversations; clicking these will allow you to configure a variety of conversation filters.

How do I change my password for email?

You just change your Flinders FAN password. It will synchronise the same password to the mail server.

I already have a University calendar in FLO. Why do I have another one?

The calendar in FLO is the official University means of communicating teaching and learning schedules with you. The calendar as part of the student email system has some useful features for personal use, including the ability to synchronise with mobile devices for convenient access, and free/busy information for making meetings with other students. You cannot merge the two calendars at present.

I can't see my sub-folders - where are they?

If you have sub folders beneath the inbox they may be hidden by default. You need to expand the folder view. Click the triangle alongside the Inbox icon in the folder list.

Is my email backed up?

The student email system uses highly available mailboxes and servers to ensure your mail is not lost as a result of hardware failure or other disaster. However it is easy to delete or move emails by mistake and you may not be able to get these back. You may wish to make your own backups by exporting your mail.

What if I accidentally delete an email, can I get it back?

Items that you delete go into the Deleted Items folder where they can be recovered if necessary. Items will stay in the Deleted Items folder until you manually clean them out. Once emptied from the Deleted Items folder you can recover them for up to month, after which the item is permanently deleted and cannot be recovered. For details on how to recover deleted items see recover deleted mail.

There seems to be other services linked to my email, such as Office web apps and Skydrive.  Can I use them?

Microsoft currently includes these Microsoft Live features for free as part of the student email system. However there are no guarantees that they will be offered for free in future updates. Flinders cannot support these features. However there is nothing to stop you trying them out.

Where can I get help about using the student email system?

See our support page which explains the various support aspects that are available at