Browser requirements

The main applications which support your learning: FLO, Student Information System, Email, Library, FLO Live, have slightly differing browser requirements, but generally speaking they will work on all modern browsers including:

If you experience problems it is recommended you update to the latest browser version.

Access problems/solutions

If you are experiencing problems using a home or business computer, the common access problems and solutions page has information about firewalls, Javascript and cookies that may help solve your problem.

Software available for Students

Flinders University provides selected software for students to use as part of their studies.

Microsoft Office 365 free for Students

Flinders University students are able to obtain a copy of Microsoft Office 365 through their Flinders account. Follow the steps below to obtain Office 365:

  • Login to OKTA
  • Click Office 365
  • You will be redirected to a web page with an Install Now link - click this link
  • When you do this you will be prompted to click the Run or Save button. Click the Run button and Office will be downloaded and then installed on your machine
  • After setup you may be asked to login. Use your

Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage

All students have a 1Tb OneDrive cloud storage available.

  1. To access got to OKTA
  2. Click OneDrive

For more details go to OneDrive for Business