Supplementary Exam Application 2015 (DOC 93KB)

Cross-Institutional Examination Clash Notification Form (DOC 382KB)

Off Campus Examination Request Form (DOC 263KB)   *


* Off-Campus applications must be delivered to the Examinations Office by no later than 5pm on Monday, 23 May 2016 for the Semester 1, 2016 Exams. Applications must be accompanied by supporting documentation and may not be considered if received after this date. Off-Campus requests will not be considered for pre-planned holidays during a scheduled examination period. Please visit Examination FAQ's for further details.

The Cross-Institutional Examination Clash Notification form and the Application to sit an Examination Off-Campus are only applicable for examinations that are Centrally Administered by the Examinations Office. You will need to speak to your Topic Coordinator, School or Faculty for provisions made for other examinations, such as mid-semester/summer school examinations.