Off Campus and Cross-Institutional Examinations

Off Campus Examinations

The University requests students who are enrolled in topics, which are delivered on campus, sit their examinations on campus. However, in exceptional circumstances, where students are likely to face hardship if they are required to sit their examination(s) on campus, or have compelling reasons for needing to sit their examination(s) away from the University, students may be granted permission by the University to sit their examination(s) off campus.

There will be instances in which it is inappropriate in any circumstances for an examination to be sat away from the University. Such instances will be determined by the College responsible for the topic(s) and can include, but are not limited to, clinical or practical exams.

You will be required to cover all expenses associated with sitting the examination off campus including administration fees, postage, supervision costs, room hire etc. This payment is to be made directly to the institution/organisation where your examination is being held.


Students may apply to sit their examination(s) away from Flinders University if:

  • The student’s permanent home address is outside of South Australia or a location at least 500kms away from Adelaide, and there are extenuating circumstances which prevent them being in Adelaide to sit their examination(s); OR
  • The student is required to be absent from Adelaide during the examination period to participate in a major event (Eg a sporting or cultural event at a state or national level); OR
  • The student is required to be absent from Adelaide during the examination period on compassionate grounds (Eg bereavement, or unforeseen circumstances which have suddenly arisen which are beyond the students control); OR
  • The student is required to be absent from Adelaide during the examination period on work related matters. Such circumstances will require the furnishing of a supporting statement from the student’s employer (this provision does not extend to students employed on a casual basis).

It is the responsibility of the student to nominate a tertiary institution (University or TAFE college/institute) at which they propose to sit an examination(s) away from Flinders University, to contact that institution and to provide Examinations Services at Flinders University with the contact details of the person (normally that institutions’ Examinations Officer), who has agreed to carry out the supervision of the required examination(s).

Note: In circumstances where a tertiary institution is not readily accessible, a student may, in consultation with Examinations Services, nominate a responsible individual (Eg Justice of the Peace (JP), Police Officer or Minister of Religion) to act as a supervisor. We would also suggest contacting your local school or library for assistance.

It is not possible to sit computer-based examinations off campus. You will need to liaise with your Topic Coordinator in this instance. Contact details of Topic Coordinators are outlined in the topic descriptions.

Exams held off campus must be sat at the same time/date that the equivalent Adelaide examinations are held.

Applications to sit examination(s) away from the University must be lodged with Examinations Services no later than four weeks prior to the commencement of the examination period. Due to the time required to make the necessary arrangements, Examinations Services cannot guarantee that late applications will be considered. Late applications will only be considered in unforeseen/extenuating circumstances.

Applications have now closed. Please email Examinations Services if you have any further questions.




If you have any questions regarding the sitting of exams at an off campus venue, please contact Examinations Services.

Cross Institutional Examination Clash

If you have a centrally organised examination at Flinders University at the same time or a similar time as you are scheduled to for an examination at another institution, eg University of Adelaide you need to let the Examinations Office know. If you are a cross-institutional student from another university, you should contact your home institution for advice. Please notify us no later than 2 weeks prior to the main Examinations period.


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