For end of semester examinations, a provisional timetable will be available five to six weeks prior to the commencement of the examination period. This will then be followed by the final timetable, which will be available approximately four weeks prior. All students are notified when each timetable is released via their Flinders University student email account. The provisional timetable is not final and is therefore subject to change. Examinations Services would advise against the confirmation of any plans based on the provisional timetable.

For Deferred and Supplementary examination periods, there may be no provisional timetable. A final timetable is released up to 24 hours prior to the Deferred and Supplementary examination period commencing.


To view your personalised timetable online, please log in to the Student Examinations Timetable portal from the link below using your FAN and password:

Student Examination Timetable





If the timetable is in Provisional status, only the date and time of your scheduled examination(s) will appear. Once the timetable has reached Final status, you will be able to view the date, time, venue, and room of each examination in your personalised timetable. Your seating allocation will be emailed to you the week prior to the examinations period.

If you don't have an exam listed for a topic and believe you should, please contact Examinations Services here with your Student ID and the Topic Code.


Academic and Professional Staff

Academic and Professional Staff can access a full timetable online. Click here to log into the Information for Staff section with your FAN and password to access the timetable.