Please note: The Deferred and Supplementary Examination timetable may only be released up to 24 hours prior to the examination period commencing due to tight marking deadlines. Please ensure you monitor your student email and the Student Examinations Timetable portal for details of your personalised Deferred and Supplementary Examination dates, times and seating allocation (Note; seating allocation will only appear when the timetable is in 'Final' status).

Deferred Assessment

In accordance with the University's Assessment Policy and Procedures, students are eligible to apply for a Deferred Assessment if unforeseen or exceptional circumstances prevent them from either sitting or remaining for the duration of the original examination concerned. Students should refer to the University’s Assessment Policy and Procedures for further information on Deferred Assessment, available at

Unforeseen or exceptional circumstances may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • illness of the student or a close relative;
  • unanticipated personal circumstances of a compelling nature;
  • unanticipated and significant work-related circumstances of a compelling nature; and
  • sporting commitments for recognised Elite Athletes.

Deferred Assessment can be in a wide variety of formats, however, if you missed your final examination due to illness or compassionate circumstances, your Deferred Assessment will normally take the form of an examination.

If you need to apply for Deferred Assessment based on medical and/or compassionate grounds, you will need to complete and submit a Deferred Assessment Application Form to your College within 3 working days of the examination taking place or assignment due date. Your application will be considered by the College and you will be notified of the outcome accordingly. You may also submit your application online with the supporting documentation attached.

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The contact details for your College are listed below. If you are unsure which College your Topic is aligned with, please the check the "Topics mapped to Colleges" webpage.

Room 261, Social Sciences South
Tel 8201 3300


Room 4.69, Education Building
Tel 8201 7800


Level 2, Room 211/213 Humanities Building
Tel 8201 7900


Medicine Reception
Level 5, Room 5E209 Flinders Medical Centre
Tel 7221 8200


Level 1, Room N103 Sturt North
Tel 8201 7500


Room 1304, Physical Sciences Building
Tel 8201 7691


If you have been offered a Deferred Assessment, you will see a Deferred Assessment indicator on your results. Eg I/M (*/M indicates Deferred Assessment has been awarded on medical or compassionate grounds).


Supplementary Assessment

If you fail a topic and receive a mark between 45-49%, you do not need to apply for a Supplementary Examination; you will automatically be awarded this if you meet all the criteria. This will be indicated by a Supplementary indicator on your results. Eg F/A (*/A indicates a Supplementary Assessment has been awarded on academic grounds).

Please view the Assessment Policy and Procedures for further information.

Examinations Services conducts Deferred and Supplementary Examinations in July for Semester 1 topics and December for Semester 2 topics.

Some Deferred and Supplementary Examinations held by the Topic Coordinator or College may be scheduled earlier/later than these dates. You will be notified by your College if this is the case.


Deferred and Supplementary Examination dates for 2018

  • 16 - 21 July 2018 (Semester 1 topics only)
  • 3 - 8 December 2018 (Semester 2 topics only)

It is your responsibility to check your examination timetable and your Flinders email account for details of your personalised Deferred and Supplementary Examination dates. For Deferred and Supplementary examination periods, there may be no provisional timetable. A final timetable is released up to 24 hours prior to the Deferred and Supplementary examination period commencing.

Deferred and Supplementary examinations are usually held over three sessions per day and will generally include night exams and Saturday exams. Examination commencement times are; 8:45, 13:15 and 17:45.  

You should aim to arrive at the examination venue 30 minutes before the commencement of your examination(s).

Students who arrive late are not permitted to make up that time at the end of the examination.

Students arriving more than 30 minutes after the commencement of reading time will not be permitted entry into the examination room.

Students should ensure they know their Seat Number for each examination. 



Deferred and Supplementary examinations will be held in either the Sports Centre or the Sturt Gymnasium. An campus map (PDF) is available; please familiarise yourself with the location of the examination venue as well as the closest car parks and bus stops before the day of your examination(s).