The Examinations Office conducts examinations at the end of each semester, as well as Supplementary Examinations in July (Semester 1 topics) and December (Semester 2 topics).

Examinations are normally held in the Sports Centre or the Sturt Gymnasium. An interactive campus map is available so please familiarise yourself with the location of the examination venues as well as the closest car parks and bus stops prior to your examination day.

Allocated seating is another important aspect of examinations. All students sitting an examination in either the Sports Centre or Sturt Gymnasium (excluding alternate venues) must arrive at the examination venue knowing their allocated seat number and it is important to note there is no checking facility within the venue for students to 'check' seat numbers prior to entry. Please refer to Allocated Seating for more information.

Examination dates for 2015  topics

20 June - 4 July (Semester 1 topics)

20 July - 25 July (Semester 1 Supplementary Examinations)

7 November - 21 November (Semester 2 Topics)

7 December - 12 December (Semester 2 Supplementary Examinations)  

Important Dates for 2015

Please refer to the Dates website for further information

Alternative arrangements

Students who require alternative exam conditions on the basis of a medical condition or disability need to apply at least 5-6 weeks prior to the commencement of the examination period.

Students will need to provide documentation regarding the nature of the medical condition/disability.  Applications must be made through a Counsellor, Doctor, or Disability Advisor (DA) at Health, Counselling & Disability Services (ph 8201 2118).  If the condition is permanent or likely to continue for some time, students can negotiate an Access Plan with a Disability Advisor.

NESB cards

Students who were born outside Australia, speak a language other than English at home and came to Australia less than 10 years ago may be eligible for an extra 10 minutes per hour in examinations.

You will automatically be sent a Non-English Speaking Background (NESB) card at the start of June each year if you meet the above criteria. You must bring this card to each examination along with your student ID card to receive the appropriate alternative arrangements. It is important to note that electronic, specialised, technical, scientific and notated dictionaries are not permitted in an examination venue.

If you do not receive an NESB card by early June and believe you are eligible, you can check the details that you have registered on the Student Information System. You need to check the following items:

  • the year you first entered Australia (must be less than 10 years ago);
  • the language you speak at home; and 
  • the country you were born in is not Australia

If any of these details are incorrect, you will be required to update them and collect a new card from Flinders Connect in the new Student Hub.

Student ID Verification Card

The Rules for the Conduct of Examinations at Flinders University states that a student must take their Student ID card to all examinations. At the start of each examination, Invigilation staff are required to match the Student ID card with the student presented to them. Women who wear burqas or niqabs who have Centrally Administered examinations are required to attend the examination venue early to have their identification verified by a female staff member. If this process causes concern, please contact 1300 354 633.

Allocated seating

All students with an examination held in either the Sports Centre or Sturt Gymnasium (excluding alternate venues) will be allocated a seat number. Seat numbers will vary at each examination and details will be made available to students via the Student Information System when the ‘Final’ timetable is released.

There will not be a facility within the examination venue for students to check seat numbers. To enable entry, all students must arrive at an examination venue knowing their allocated seat number.

To view your personalised timetable, go to your Student Information System and click on the "My Exams and Results" menu (Note: You will be notified via your Flinders email when timetables are released). It is your responsibility to ensure your examination details are checked via the Student Information System prior to the commencement of each examination. It is also your responsibility to ensure you arrive at the examination venue knowing your allocated seat number.

You will not be able to view your seat number if the timetable is ‘Provisional’.

We strongly recommend you view the Examination FAQ’s for further details regarding the allocated seating process.

Seating plans are also available in the PDF documents below to provide a rough guide as to where your allocated seat will be in the venue.

Sports Centre Seating Plan (PDF 76KB)

Sturt Gym Seating Plan (PDF 73KB)


It is your responsibility to check your personalised examination timetable in the Student Information System . Please view the "My Exams and Results" menu for details of your upcoming exams.

Student Identification must be presented at each examination

Your Student ID card is to be presented at every examination you attend.

If you have lost your Student ID card, you are responsible for obtaining a new card prior to the commencement of your first examination. If this is not possible, you may produce either a current drivers license or valid passport to verify your identity.

If you present to an examination without any form of photographic identification, your identity will be will be checked electronically within the venue by a trained Invigilator. Whilst the Invigilator will make every effort to confirm your identity in a timely manner, the time taken will be at your expense. No additional time will be granted if reading or writing time is lost whilst your identification is being confirmed.

To avoid losing valuable time in your examination, ensure you bring your Student ID card along with you to each examination.

Examination commencement times

Examinations are held over three sessions per day Monday-Saturday. Examinations commence at the following times:

  • 8:45am;
  • 1:15pm; and
  • 5:45pm. 

General examination information

All students should aim to arrive at the examination venue 30 minutes before the commencement of each examination.

Students who arrive late are not permitted to make up that time at the end of the examination.

Students arriving more than 30 mins after the commencement of writing time will not be permitted entry into the examination room.

Items permitted in an exam room

All students are permitted to take the following items into the exam room:

  • writing materials (eg pens, eraser) in a clear pencil case or clear plastic sleeve only
  • Student ID card (students must present photo ID at every exam) 
  • water in a clear bottle with the label removed

Students with a valid Non-English Speaking Background (NESB) card are also permitted to bring a non-technical dictionary.

In some examinations, students are allowed to bring selected additional materials into the room, eg programmable calculators, text book, etc. You will be notified by your Topic Coordinator or this will be listed on your personalised examination timetable if you are permitted to use these.

Items not permitted in an exam room under any circumstances

  • bags (including handbags)
  • wallets
  • food (other than lollies without wrappers in a clear bag)
  • mobile phones, mp3 players, PDAs, laptops and any other electronic devices
  • pencil cases (only clear pencil cases or plastic sleeves are permitted)
  • packets of tissues (tissues will be provided in each venue)
  • Flinders University Library books (these are not permitted even in open book exams)
  • anything which contains, or conveys, or is capable of conveying information concerning or otherwise having reference to the subject matter under examination (other than where such items are approved/permitted)

Monitored bag storage facilities are available outside exam venues at the Sport Centre and the Sturt Gymnasium for storage of any such non-permitted items. Students who bring any of the above items into the examination room will be dismissed from the Examination venue and reported to the relevant School/Faculty in accordance with the University's Policy on Academic Integrity.