Academic dress is made up of three parts; the gown, the hood and the cap.





Bachelors Degree (other than Medicine/Surgery)BlackNavy with white lining and coloured pipingBlack mortarboard with black tassel
Bachelors Degree (Medicine/Surgery)BlackNavy with Apple Green liningBlack mortarboard with black tassel
Diploma, Graduate Certificate or Graduate DiplomaBlackNavy with light blue liningBlack mortarboard with black tassel
Masters DegreeBlackNavy with light blue and coloured pipingBlack mortarboard with black tassel
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)Navy with red trimNavy with red liningBlack mortarboard with blue tassel
Doctorate (other than PhD) Red with coloured trimRed with navy lining and coloured hood pipingBlack floppy bonnet

For further information regarding academic dress, please refer to the Flinders University Academic Dress Policy and Schedule of Colours.  


Hood Piping Colours in Order of Degree

Bachelors, Masters and Doctorates (other than PhD)





 Bachelor of AccountingCampus Grey
 Master of AccountingCampus Grey
 Master of Advanced Clinical PracticeMing Blue 
 Bachelor of Applied Geographical Information SystemsGold
 Bachelor of Applied Geospatial and Information TechnologyMauve
 Master of Applied GerontologyMing Blue
 Master of Applied Population StudiesGold
 Bachelor of Applied Science (Disability Studies)Yellow
 Bachelor of ArchaeologyGold
 Master of ArchaeologyGold
 Bachelor of Arts (all majors/minors)Gold
 Master of Arts (International Development)Gold 
 Master of Arts (International Relations)Gold 
 Master of Arts (Sociology)Gold 
 Master of Arts (Teaching English as a Second Language)Gold 
 Master of Arts (Women's Studies)Gold 
 Master of Asian GovernanceGold
 Master of AudiologyMing Blue


 Bachelor of Banking and International FinanceCampus Grey
 Bachelor of Behavioural ScienceCerise
 Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology)Cerise
 Bachelor of Biotechnology (Honours)Orchid Purple
 Master of BiotechnologyOrchid Purple
 Master of Biotechnology StudiesOrchid Purple
 Bachelor of Business (all streams)Dark Red
 Master of Business Administration (all streams)Dark Red
 Bachelor of Business and EconomicsDark Red
 Bachelor of Business and TechnologyDark Red
 Master of Business and TechnologyDark Red


 Master of Clinical EducationMing Blue
 Master of Clinical RehabilitationMing Blue
 Bachelor of Commerce (all streams)Campus Grey
 Bachelor of Computer ScienceMauve
 Bachelor of Creative Arts (Creative Writing)Gold
 Master of Creative Arts (Creative Writing)Gold
 Bachelor of Creative Arts (Digital Media)Gold
 Bachelor of Creative Arts (Drama)Gold
 Master of Creative Arts (Drama)Gold
 Bachelor of Creative Arts (Screen)Gold
 Master of Creative Arts (Screen Production)Gold
 Master of Cultural Heritage ManagementGold


 Bachelor of Disability and Community RehabilitationYellow
 Bachelor of Disability and Developmental EducationYellow
 Master of Disability StudiesYellow


 Bachelor of EcotourismMauve
 Doctor of EducationTangerine
 Bachelor of Education (all streams and/or double degrees)Tangerine
 Master of Education (all streams)Tangerine
 Bachelor of Engineering (all streams)Emerald Green
 Master of Engineering (all streams)Emerald Green
 Bachelor of Engineering ScienceEmerald Green
  Bachelor of Engineering TechnologyEmerald Green
 Bachelor of Environmental HealthYellow
 Bachelor of Environmental ManagementGold
 Master of Environmental ManagementGold
 Bachelor of Environmental ScienceMauve


 Master of GerontologyMing Blue
 Bachelor of Government and Public ManagementEnglish Green
 Master of Groundwater HydrologyMauve


 Master of Health AdministrationMing Blue
 Master of Health and International DevelopmentStarhoon Blue
 Bachelor of Health Sciences Ming Blue
 Bachelor of Health Sciences/ Graduate Diploma in Environmental Health PracticeMing Blue
 Bachelor of Health Sciences (Paramedic)Ming Blue
  Bachelor of Health Sciences (Principles in Physiotherapy)/ Master of PhysiotherapyMing Blue
 Bachelor of Human NutritionMing Blue
 Master of Hospital AdministrationMing Blue


 Bachelor of Information TechnologyMauve
  Bachelor of Information Technology (Digital Media)Mauve
 Master of Information TechnologyMauve
 Bachelor of Innovation and Enterprise (Science and Technology)Mauve
 Bachelor of International StudiesStarhoon Blue
 Bachelor of International TourismGold


 Bachelor of Justice and SocietyGold


 Bachelor of LanguagesGold
 Master of Language StudiesGold
 Bachelor of LawsPeach
 Master of LawsPeach
 Bachelor of Laws and Legal PracticePeach
 Bachelor of Laws and Legal Practice (Honours)Peach
 Doctor of LettersGold


 Master of Maritime ArchaeologyGold
 Bachelor of Mathematical SciencesMauve
 Bachelor of Media (Creative Arts)English Green
 Bachelor of Media (Public Affairs)English Green
 Bachelor of Medical ScienceApple Green
 Bachelor of Medical Science (Vision Science)/Master of OptometryApple Green
 Doctor of MedicineApple Green
 Master of Mental Health NursingBrick Red
 Master of Mental Health SciencesYellow
 Bachelor of Midwifery Brick Red
 Master of MidwiferyBrick Red


 Master of NanotechnologyMauve
 Master of Natural History Film MakingGold
 Bachelor of NursingBrick Red
 Master of Nursing (all streams)Brick Red
 Bachelor of Nutrition and DieteticsMing Blue
 Master of Nutrition and DieteticsMing Blue


 Master of Occupational TherapyYellow
 Bachelor of Medical Science (Vision Science)/Master of Optometry Apple Green


 Master of Palliative CareMing Blue
 Master of Palliative Care in Aged CareMing Blue
 Bachelor of Paramedic ScienceMing Blue
 Master of PhysiotherapyMing Blue 
 Bachelor of Psychological ScienceCerise
 Master of PsychologyCerise
 Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)Cerise
 Master of Public AdministrationEnglish Green
 Master of Public Administration (Management)English Green
 Master of Public Administration (Policy)English Green
 Master of Public Health (all streams)Ming Blue
 Doctor of Public HealthMing Blue


 Master of Remote and Indigenous HealthMing Blue
 Master of Remote Health ManagementMing Blue
 Master of Remote Health Practice (Nurse Practitioner)Ming Blue


 Bachelor of Science (all streams)Mauve
 Bachelor of Science (Honours) (all streams)Mauve
 Master of Science (Computer Science)Mauve
 Master of Science (Groundwater Hydrology)Mauve
 Master of Science (Health Administration)Mauve
 Doctor of ScienceMauve
 Master of Screen and Media ProductionGold
 Bachelor of Social PlanningScarlet
 Bachelor of Social WorkScarlet
 Master of Social WorkScarlet
 Bachelor of Social Work and Social PlanningScarlet
 Bachelor of Special EducationTangerine
 Bachelor of Speech, Language and Hearing ScienceYellow
 Bachelor of Speech PathologyYellow
 Master of Speech PathologyYellow
 Master of SurgeryApple Green


 Bachelor of Technology (Aquaculture)Mauve
 Bachelor of Technology (Forensic and Analytical Chemistry)Mauve
 Master of Teaching (all streams)Tangerine
 Master of Teaching English as a Second LanguageTangerine
 Master of Theological StudiesPurple
 Bachelor of TheologyPurple
 Master of Tourism Gold
 Master of Tourism (Festival and Event Design and Management)Gold


 Master of Water Resources ManagementMauve