All students need to apply for degree conferral in order to get a copy of their parchment. Degree conferral is the official awarding of your degree, diploma or certificate by the University, this can only occur at a Graduation Ceremony or an Absentia conferral. 

If you don't wish to attend a graduation ceremony you may apply to have your degree conferred in absentia. This means you will not be attending the ceremony, but your degree will be conferred by the University in your absence.


Checklist for Conferral in Absentia

Step 1 - Online application:

To have your degree or award conferred in absentia, you must lodge an Absentia Conferral Application (not attending) by the due dates listed below. Your award will automatically be put into the next available conferral date.

Please note that if you choose this option you will not be able to attend a graduation ceremony, for the nominated award, at a later date.


Conferral in Absentia - 2017 Dates

Conferral  Conferral Date  Application Due Date 
absentia conferral 27 January 2017 18 January 2017
absentia conferral 23 February 2017 15 February 2017
absentia conferral 30 March 2017 22 March 2017
Graduation Ceremonies  April 2017 Ceremony allocations 29 March 2017
absentia conferral 25 May 2017 17 May 2017
absentia conferral 29 June 2017 21 June 2017 
absentia conferral 27 July 2017 19 July 2017
absentia conferral 31 August 2017 23 August 2017
Graduation Ceremonies September 2017 Ceremony allocations 6 September 2017
absentia conferral  26 October 2017 18 October 2017
absentia conferral 30 November 2017 22 November 2017
Graduation Ceremonies 19 December 2017 To be advised


If you are not attending a ceremony you must select your method of collection from the following three options:

  • Collected by yourself from Flinders Connect in the Student Hub (Level 0 of the Central Library building at the Bedford Park campus) on the next business day after conferral. If you choose this method you will be required to bring some form of photo identification with you (ie driver’s license or student card).
  • Collected by a person of your choice, you can provide us with the name of an authorised agent to collect your parchment on your behalf. Your agent will be required to provide photo identification upon collection of your parchment.
  • Posted to you, charges will apply. See the Payment details below.


Step 2 - Payments:

Please arrange for prompt payment of postage for your parchment, if you have elected to have your parchment posted out. The cost for postage is A$15 for postage within Australia (registered Mail), or A$45 for international postage. Payments can be made by credit card, cheque, money order or cash (in person at Flinders Connect). Credit card payments may be made online via Online Payments. Cheques and money orders are to be made payable to Flinders University and sent to the Graduation Office, GPO Box 2100 Adelaide SA 5001.

Parchments will not be sent until after the conferral date and once payment has been received. Please also ensure your address is correct in the Student Information System.  

Students must also pay all debts to the University; these include debts to the library, as well as other fees. Your parchment, academic transcript and Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement will not be released to you until all outstanding debts have been finalised.


Step 3 - Check your graduation status online:

Check your Graduation Status in the Student Information System. This will become active within 10 days after you apply to graduate. If your status shows as "Expected to Graduate", your eligibility to graduate is yet to be confirmed. A status of "Pass" indicates your degree is completed and you are approved for graduation. If your status indicates that you are “Expected to Graduate” but you believe it should read “Pass”, please contact your Faculty Office for advice.


Step 4 - Official Documents will be posted/available for collection:

Your parchment, transcript and AHEGS will be posted, or will be available for collection on any working day from the day after your conferral date.