2018 Graduation Ceremonies

The next round of Graduation ceremonies will be held in September 2018 at the Alan Mitchell Sports Centre, Flinders University, Bedford Park.

Please read the following information carefully.

If you have any questions regarding your graduation, please contact Graduation Services for further assistance.



To be eligible to graduate in September 2018, you must be deemed 'complete' by your College office by no later than the end of August 2018.

If you have any queries regarding your completion, please contact your College Office for further information.


Steps for graduands wishing to attend the September 2018 ceremonies:


Step 1 - Complete an Application to Attend a Ceremony

Applications to attend a ceremony in September will open in July 2018.


Step 2 - Payment

Academic Dress Hire

Academic dress can be hired from the University.

Payment for April Graduation hire is due by close of business Friday 14 September 2018.

Each item can be hired separately if you wish to supply any of your own items, however please be aware that your Hood is determined by your College and must be correct. Please also be aware that the style of gown can be different for different universities. For more information please see Academic Dress.

Credit card payments may be made online via Online Payments. Cheques and money orders are to be made payable to Flinders University and sent to Graduation Services, GPO Box 2100 Adelaide SA 5001.

Graduates will be invoiced the full replacement cost of academic dress if it is not returned.  If you are unable to collect or return it yourself, please send a friend or relative to do so on your behalf.

Sanctions and Outstanding Debts

Students must also pay all outstanding debts to the University including those that may be applicable for post graduate courses currently being studied; including debts to the library, as well as other fees. Your parchment and academic transcript will not be released to you at the ceremony until all outstanding debts have been finalised.


Step 3 - Log into your Student Information System

  • Check your Graduation Status in the Student Information System. This will become active within 10 days after you apply to graduate. If your status shows as "Expected to Graduate", your eligibility to graduate is yet to be confirmed. A status of "Pass" indicates your degree is completed and you are approved for graduation. If your status indicates that you are “Expected to Graduate” but you believe it should read “Pass”, please contact your College Office for advice.
  • Check your email address that is listed, is one that you access regularly. This is the email address that will be used for all correspondence and confirmation.
  • Check your formal name is listed correctly. This is the name that will be printed on your parchment. If your name is incorrect, please contact Flinders Connect as soon as possible to arrange a formal name change. Fees are applicable if your parchment needs to be reprinted.


Step 4 - Check your confirmation email

Eligible graduands will receive a confirmation email no later than 7 days prior to the ceremony. Please ensure you read this carefully as it will contain important on the day information.


Step 5 - Academic Dress and Tickets

If you are hiring academic dress from the University, you can collect and return it on campus. Guest tickets are collected with Academic Dress.

We strongly recommend that you collect your items the day prior to your ceremony.

If you are unable to collect or return academic dress yourself, please send a friend or relative to do so on your behalf.


Further Information

Please visit the Graduation FAQs page for a range of information and answers to your graduation queries.

Research Higher Degree Graduands

Research Higher Degree graduands are required to complete a form detailing their Thesis Title and thesis summary, and for doctoral candidates a Citation (2-3 short sentences). The thesis summary is also used for the Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS) provided to each graduate. 

The thesis summary should be no more than 150 words in length and should be forwarded to the relevant Research Higher Degree Officer in your faculty.

Please see Research Higher Degrees for more information.


Please note: Candidates enrolled in the Faculty of Science and Engineering do not have to complete this form as this task is carried out by your Principal Supervisor.