Graduation day What happens after you graduate from Flinders? Here is some information and services available for you.

Alumni membership

When you graduate from Flinders you automatically receive Alumni membership. There will be networking opportunities and other benefits.

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Further study

You might like to consider further study like honours, postgraduate coursework or a research higher degree.

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Career services

As a graduate you will have access to careers services for eighteen months post course completion.  

Services include:

  • Career development consultant assistance with the drop-in service.
  • Career directions advice.
  • Writing your job application and Resume/CV.
  • Addressing selection criteria.
  • Job interview help.

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Post-nominal (award abbreviation)

A post-nominal or award abbreviation are the letters denoting the qualifications you receive after you graduate. For example:

Joseph Bloggs BIS, MBA(IntBus) Flin

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