Feedback on the Counselling Service by students (from 2010 satisfaction survey)

The counsellor and I worked on strategies to improve myself emotionally, physically and personally. I see results.

The counsellor and I discussed relaxation methods and practices that aided me in studying and concentrating better

It helped with anxiety and sleep regulation

It helped me cope with day to day issues so I can focus better. Gives me a safe environment to vent

The counsellor was understanding and gave helpful hints on ways to manage life and study better.

The counselling has helped me be clearer about my goals.

I have been able to focus on my personal issues in controlled sessions giving me time to focus on my studies.

Good strategies to manage negative and unhelpful thoughts

I felt better psychologically and thus could perform better at an academic level

Having someone who is empathetic and unbiased to talk to and who is able to advocate on my behalf when needed.

Counselling helped with relaxation techniques and getting started techniques ; understanding of my problems and talking them through

Being able to talk to someone about my problems allowed me to get my problems off my chest so that I could better focus on Honours

The counsellor recommended a lower study load and assisted in liaising with my lecturers

My counsellor has helped me negotiate deadlines with my teachers, given me strategies to help with stress and has informed me of alternative options I would never have known about otherwise

I have only received one drop-in appointment so far. Whilst it has helped somewhat, I believe further counselling will be beneficial

It enabled me to continue on with my placement

I believe the service is great as it is ; maybe more staff or more advertisements for students to know that this service is readily available

Maybe offer more things like group courses, support groups, education groups, skills building groups and seminars

It’s awesome as it is!

Perhaps having more counsellors would be useful – sometimes have had to wait a while for an appointment

I had very positive experiences with the Counselling Service. They were extremely helpful.