Flinders University is committed to providing an environment of safety and respect for staff and students. 

You have the right to feel safe and welcomed on campus, and to be able to participate in University life in an environment free from sexual assault or harassment. 

The Respect. Now. Always campaign was launched in 2016 as an initiative of all Australian Universities to prevent and address sexual assault and harassment. For more information go to Respect. Now. Always

What is sexual assault?

Sexual assault, which includes rape, is an unlawful act that covers a range of forced and/or coerced sexual behaviours that are unwanted and have not been consented to.

More information about sexual assault.

Reporting sexual assault

If you have been sexually assaulted you can contact Police on 131 444 or 000 in case of emergencies.

Yarrow Place Rape and Sexual Assault Service can also provide support and assistance and can be contacted on 1800 817 421.

You can also report a sexual assault to Campus Security Services on 8201 3911.

The Health, Counselling and Disability service can also assist you in making a report and can be contacted on 8201 2118.

Support services

Confidential medical and counselling services are available through the Health, Counselling and Disability Service 8201 2118.

Yarrow Place 1800 817 421 also provides free and confidential counselling and medical services.

What is sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment is any unwanted, unwelcome or uninvited behaviour of a sexual nature. Sexual harassment is defined by law from the perspective of the person feeling harassed and it occurs if the behaviour makes a person feel offended, humiliated or intimidated and it is reasonable in all the circumstances that the person feeling harassed would feel that way.

For more information see the Sexual Harassment policy.

What to do if you have experienced sexual harassment?

The University has Student Equal Opportunity Advisors that can provide confidential information, support and explain what options are available as outlined in the University's Grievance Procedures.

To speak with a Student Equal Opportunity Advisor or to make an appointment phone 8201 2118. You can also email studenteo@flinders.edu.au

The University also has Equal Opportunity Contact Officers and their role is to provide confidential support and information to people involved in a complaint of discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment or bullying. View the list of EO contact officers.


University resources

Health, Counselling and Disability Service


Student Equal Opportunity Advisors

Equal opportunity contact officers

External resources

SA Police

Yarrow Place

Equal Opportunity Commission SA

Legal Services Commission