Number 2, 2014

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Alternative exam arrangements – 2nd semester 2014

The closing date for applications for alternative exam arrangements on the grounds of a health condition, learning difficulty or disability is Wednesday 8th October.  

Unfortunately, applications received after that date cannot be accepted.

If you already have an Access Plan that covers exams, you don’t need to do anything.  We will write to you in the week before exams start to confirm your alternative arrangements.

If you do not have an Access Plan, you need to see a Disability Advisor (DA) before 8th October.  You will need to provide documentation of your disability - this can be a letter from your treating professional, or they can complete the Disability Verification Form 2011.

You can also see a counsellor or a doctor in Health, Counselling & Disability Services to negotiate alternative arrangements for exams.  Phone 8201 2118 to make an appointment.

Students with disabilities are subject to the standard rules concerning exams - check the examinations web page for more information.

Cross-institutional topics

If you have exams at another university, you MUST negotiate alternate arrangements with the Disability Service at that university.

Exam venues may change

Read your letter carefully and make sure you know where to go for your exam.  Mistaking the time, date or venue does not give grounds to apply for supplementary exams.

Free workshop: ‘Pathways beyond Uni’

 ** only 15 places left **

When? Wednesday 24 September (uni holidays)

Where? Health Sciences Building, Central campus

Time? 11.30am – 3pm

Lunch included!

The workshop aims to provide you with strategies, insights and assistance to effectively transition into graduate employment. The workshop will include:

  • A keynote speaker offering an aspirational story
  • An employer and graduate panel with Q & A to offer their insights and advice for employment
  • Addressing Disclosure: what, when, how and why
  • Career Planning – within the context of disclosure & a focus on building employability, self-marketing and maximizing opportunities

RSVP: 15 September


 Thursday 11th September 2014 is National RUOK? Day. The idea is to encourage conversations about how colleagues/friends/peers/family are feeling.

If you’d like more tips visit and the Health Counselling & Disability Service webpage at

 Make sure you also check out the free lunch and live music on the plaza 11am – 1pm on Thursday 11th of September! 

Summer Internships – paid opportunities for Summer 2014/2015

Stepping into… is a paid internship program specifically designed for students with disability, who want a paid, hands-on work experience that is relevant to their degree and chosen field of study.

Participating organisations include both corporate and government organisations.

Internship opportunities this Summer are in Sydney, Gosford, Melbourne, Dandenong, Canberra, Perth, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast.

To find out about the opportunities and how to apply, please visit our website

To be considered for an internship you will be required to attend a briefing session as part of the selection process and determining your suitability.

Sir Charles Bright scholarship

This scholarship is available to students with disabilities living in South Australia who will be studying at a tertiary educational institution in 2015.  The Scholarship is worth $1,500, and closing date for applications is 24th December.  For full details and application form go to the website:

Free software

My study Bar is an excellent tool that includes voice-recognition and screen-reading functions - free download:

Read out Loud Programs:   (Adobe Read Aloud good for reading all PDF)

FUSA Accessibility Officer

Jak Yusuf is the current Accessibility Officer with FUSA (Flinders University Student’s Association). Part of the role of Accessibility Officer is to attend the university’s Disability Committee meetings, and Equal Opportunity & Diversity Committee meetings.

If you have any disability issues you want to raise, email Jak at

For more information, visit the FUSA office or check out the FUSA website.

Disability Rights Advocacy Service

DRAS provides advocacy to individuals as well as groups of people with disability through their individual and systemic advocacy programs. The disability can be psychiatric, physical, neurological, developmental, sensory, or intellectual disability. They can also assist applicants of the new Disability Care Australia scheme.

For further information visit their website.

Cheap computers!

Check out Aspitech website.

And Green PC website.

Applying for extensions

It is your responsibility to discuss your Access Plan with Topic Coordinators and provide them with a copy at the start of each semester, even if you think you probably won’t need to use it.  By following proper process you will find it easier to negotiate with Topic Coordinators when you do need an extension. 

Having an Access Plan does not guarantee you an extension – you still must follow the specified process for your course.  The Access Plan merely allows you to negotiate without having to provide further medical evidence in most circumstances. You need to be aware that in some disciplines (particularly those that are practice-based), the nature of the assessment may mean that you will be required to provide a medical certificate.

Print disability information

These websites have useful information for students with print or learning disabilities, and some have free downloads of screen-reading programs.

Career information

Flinders University Graduate careers website – Students with disabilities

Education to Employment – lots of info for students with disabilities who are about to graduate.

Careers in the Public Service - My Career, My APS

fws - Finding Workable Solutions – Disability open employment service provider

SA Career Consultants – Disability open employment service provider

Multiple Solutions – employment specialists

Job Access Website & Resources – Job Access is a free information and advice service about the employment of people with disability.

Disability Advisors (DA) contact information

Paula Williams and Toni Crisci are located in Health, Counselling & Disability Services
Level 3, Student Centre
Phone: 8201 2118

Appointments are essential as the DAs are often out of the office. 

Many queries do not require an appointment, so you might like to email a DA in the first instance - an appointment can be made later if necessary. 

To receive services you need to provide documentation of your disability.  This can be a recent letter from your doctor or treating professional, or you can ask them to complete a Disability Verification Form 2011. It is helpful if you bring this to the first appointment, as it will expedite the process.

All information is treated as strictly confidential .