The Student Learning Centre (SLC) is a multi-disciplinary academic unit which assists students to become independent and effective learners, achieve their academic goals and develop the requisite skills for life-long learning.


Who uses the Centre?

All currently enrolled students, including:

  • domestic and international students
  • undergraduates
  • postgraduates
  • mature age students

We offer:

  • drop-in services called the Learning Lounge
  • extended consultations
  • study guides on academic writing, English language, mathematics, and other general study skills
  • online learning materials
  • academic skills programs
  • guest lectures in credit courses
  • Skype consultations

We can help you with:

  • understanding and planning assignments
  • structuring and writing assignments
  • English language
  • mathematical skills
  • oral presentations
  • research and referencing skills
  • time management
  • critical thinking
  • general study concerns

We can't help you with:

  • course/topic content
  • editing or proofreading
  • private tuition
  • software installation
  • career advise
  • course advise


Meet the SLC staff:


Dr Tiffany Lavis

Interim Head

Psychology and Law

Tel: (08) 8201 7984

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Dr Kung-Keat Teoh

Academic Advisor / Lecturer

Basic numeracy skills, computer science, IT

Tel: (08) 8201 5267

Email Teoh 

Dr Tiffany Winn

Academic Advisor / Lecturer  

Basic numeracy skills, Computer Science, IT

Tel: (08) 8201 5413

Email Tiffany


Dr Andrew Miller

Academic Advisor / Lecturer

Critical and academic literacies, creative arts and writing

Tel: (08) 8201 5760

Email Andrew


Ms Regina Sliuzas

Academic Advisor / Lecturer

International and ESL students

Tel: (08) 8201 2258

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Dr Greg Collings

Academic Advisor / Lecturer

Numeracy, quantitive analysis

Tel: (08) 8201 3682

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Dr Saib Dianati

Academic Advisor / Lecturer

Basic numeracy skills and academic writing

Tel: (08) 8201 5407

Email Saib

Dr Natalia Sanjuan Bornay

Academic Advisor / Lecturer 

ESL, multiculturalism, and strategic learning

Tel: (08) 8201 5648

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Alison Saunders

Administration Officer

Tel: (08) 8201 2518

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