English Language Support Program


For domestic and international students from a Non-English Speaking Background (NESB)

This program is offered by the Student Learning Centre (SLC) to support NESB students who need to improve their English in the academic context.

About the program

There are 8 workshops in each module. Each workshop runs for 2 hours and will have a maximum of 15 students. No additional out-of-class work is required.


Weekly attendance is expected and students should carefully consider their ability to commit time to attend workshops during peak assessment periods. A Certificate of Completion will be awarded at the end of each semester to students who attend a minimum of 6 workshops within a module.


You will receive an enrolment confirmation email which will contain information about the venue for each workshop.

The program goes from Week 4 (Monday, 14 August)  to Week 11 (Monday, 16 October) 2017, as follows:







Listening and Discussion

Familiarise yourself with Australian spoken English, learn strategies for taking part in tutorials and other academic discussions and improve your listening and note-taking in lectures.


Only enrol in one or two modules per semester

Reading Academic Texts

Learn strategies to improve your ability to read academic work and locate important information more efficiently. Good reading skills have flow-on benefits for improving academic writing and general English comprehension.


Only enrol in one or two modules per semester


Improve your understanding of English grammar and your ability to write clear, well-structured sentences. We will help you to identify your own  grammatical challenges, suggest strategies for self-editing and proofreading and suggest other helpful resources.


Only enrol in one or two modules per semester

Academic Writing

Learn strategies for planning and structuring your academic assignments, presenting a clear position on your topic, improving your paraphrasing and producing clear and coherent academic writing.


Only enrol in one or two modules per semester

ELSP for Postgrads

This module provides opportunities to improve the clarity and presentation of your work, both verbally and in written form. It includes summarising and synthesising, proofreading and editing skills. Prerequisite: Students must have completed two of the following modules: Grammar, Academic Writing and/or Reading Academic Texts.


Only enrol in one or two modules per semester


For those who lack confidence in their pronunciation or whose spoken English is not easily understood. This module will cover stress, chunking, intonation, rhythm, clarity and fluency.


Only enrol in one or two modules per semester

A Certificate of Completion will be awarded to students who qualify.