Welcome to Phase One of Flinders University’s new website.

The focus of this phase has been on the externally facing website.

The new website platform provides a basis for future enhancements in the way we engage audiences allowing Flinders to have a more engaging online experience tailored to the individual.


What’s changed

The new website introduces a new user experience including:

  • new look and feel, building on recent enhancements
  • new navigation structure, including global, section, contextual and alternative navigation features
  • new content, with an emphasis on relevant, engaging content.

This has been informed by experience and user feedback on the 2016 initiatives, along with a stakeholder workshop and user research program.

In addition, the new website is built on a new content management system (CMS) platform.

The scope of the phase one release includes University-wide, externally facing content. The specific sections of content in scope include:

  • Study – domestic and international
  • Research
  • Engage - covering our engagement with business, government, industry and the community
  • Alumni
  • About Flinders University
  • Campus and locations
  • Giving to Flinders
  • Jobs.

Staff and student content

We are working towards developing relevant, user centric experiences.

While phase one is focused on our externally facing web presence, we have provided new navigation on existing templates to enable you to navigate around staff content. Similar features have been added for student content.

We encourage you to use the staff index page, along with the Flinders dashboard (Okta), both accessible via the drop down quick links menu on the header of the website, as your starting points for staff-related information, resources and services.



Students are also encouraged to refer to the Current students page and the Flinders dashboard (Okta). We have prepared this information for students.

There are future plans for staff focused and student focused areas, as part of the University's digital strategy.

Flinders dashboard (Okta)

The Flinders dashboard was introduced last year.

It is your single sign-in to the Flinders University web applications including:

  • Flinders Learning Online (FLO)
  • Flinders Pro
  • Staff email
  • Employee Self Service
  • Library FindIt
  • Online payments
  • …..and more.

Simply log in with your FAN and password.

Did you know?

The Flinders dashboard is available as a mobile app.

All you need to do is download the Okta mobile app:


What hasn't changed

The focus of phase one is on externally facing, whole of University content.

This means the following web content has not changed in this 1st phase:

  • Faculty and School
  • Research centres and institutes
  • Library
  • Internal staff content (such as this page)
  • Student content (with the exception of the student entry page).

This content will, for the time being, continue to be managed in the legacy content management system and will remain in the existing templates.

New content management system (CMS)

Phase one introduces Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) as the new content management system (CMS) platform for the University.

Content in scope for this phase one release will now be managed within AEM. Content out of scope of this release will continue to be managed in the legacy CMS (Shado-MX).

As future phases of the web transformation roll out, content will progressively move from the legacy CMS into AEM.

Existing web editors and publishers

The new website presence, along with the introduction of the new content management system platform, introduces changes to web editor and publisher roles.

Our aim is to make web content publishing efficient, supporting the development and management of engaging and relevant content, while also reducing unnecessary duplication of effort and tedious work.

We are working through assessing the changes involved and will be working with stakeholders on these. Until we do so, content updates for phase one in scope content will be managed by the Office of Communication and Engagement.

In relation to other content, we encourage web editors and publishers to continue to update and consolidate existing web content.

Please note links have changed for phase one in scope content and measures have been put in place for key links. It is worth checking published links to this content on web pages and published documents and making the required updates.

Post phase 1

We will keep you informed of future phases of the web transformation.

Along with rolling out new sections of externally facing content, we have also identified a couple of key priorities, including new:

  • course pages to support our student recruitment initiatives
  • staff profile pages to support our research impact and external engagement initiatives.

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